FBI EDO is Here! - Fast Online USA Police Clearance

Finally FBI launched the facility for electronic processing of Identity History Summary Checks.
I literally submitted my Finger print card by express mail this Tuesday, and got the PDF yesterday.
The mail-based system’s turnaround time is still 14-16 weeks!
EDO is 48 hrs.

  • Sign up with email
  • Pay Online with credit-card or paypal
  • Submit Fingerprint card via mail
  • You get Email Update on Receipt and Processing

Follow the link here:


wow! That’s lightning fast!

@acheema : Do you mean you can receive the results in 48 hours? Or it would still take 14 weeks?

You will receive it in 48 hrs electronically.
Hardcopy in regular mail.

First email was on Feb 7th, confirming payment.
Then 2nd email was yesterday confirming receipt of fingerprint card.
3rd was also yesterday with the response.

Similar time fe as @acheema. My fingerprint card reached Wednesday 02/07 at 10 am EDT, and I got my PCC electronically on Friday at 1 pm PDT.

AOR done, two days after ITA and a week after getting IELTS results :grinning:

So, I can submit this electronic copy instead?

+1 to this question - is the electronic result “formal looking”?

The electronic result is very formal looking. It’s a two page copy which has an FBI seal on the first page with my name and address, and the exact same report that you would get on paper on the second page. I confirmed with my friend who got a physical PCC that they’re identical.


Fantastic. This is great news, thanks a lot for sharing!

How long is the FBI report valid for??

IRCC states that police certificates are typically valid for 1 Year from the issuance date

While submitting the fingerprint card through mail, did you include any other documents with it?

Once i create a profile, i get an email which has my order number and payment verification code
which has the following.

“If delivering your fingerprints via Mail, please send your completed fingerprint card along with a copy of your confirmation email to:”

Now which one is the confirmation email? Are they talking about same email which has order number and payment verification code?

Yes the email with
Your Order number is: xxxxxx
Your payment verification code is: xxxxxx


I think somewhere mentioned that CIC/IRCC needs a police report within last 90days?
is that not true anymore?

I don’t recall CIC website stating such a limit. When I applied, I got my FBI clearance in Dec 2016, but then I had to resubmit my application in April 2017. I used the same certificate and it worked.

I think the date requirements on the report are:

  • Within the last 6 months for the country you are currently residing in.

  • Any time after your last residence in a country where you have had a substantial (> 6 months cumulative) residence in the past.


Oh I missed that point. Thanks for clearing that up.

Thanks… Sorry I mixed two things… Now i found the post where he told about 90 days.

The timing can be tricky. Once you get an invite you have 90 days to submit all police clearances. We needed three for India, Singapore and the US. By far US was the slowest the delay was documented on the FBI website and attributed to some kind of system upgrade work in progress.

link to post

So I think he meant once we get ITA we have 90 days to submit FBI clearance… so he meant we should get FBI clearance done as soon as possible when submitting the profile or just before submitting the profile to meet that 90 days deadline as FBI takes two months to give results…

But I thought 90 days older FBI clearance… my mistake :slight_smile:

Anyways now its clear that it has to be within last 6 months as you guys posted above…
and Now you have 48 hours results option… So i think we will be good to apply for it once we are in the week when we will submit our profile finally… Right?

Actually, We are still waiting for ielts and ECAs because of delayed efforts and dates.

thanks janaab…
is fees still same $50 per person?

The new system is super fast. Mailed my fingerprint card on tuesday. fbi received it on thursday. few hours later my report was ready.