FBI EDO is Here! - Fast Online USA Police Clearance

Thanks a lot @acheema for the update. I had mailed my fingerprints a month back and was prepared to wait a couple more months. But after seeing your post mailed them again two days back . Luckily I had a copy of the fingerprints, so no expense.

Got the reply yesterday night and the report. Awesome.

Btw, will they be sending a hard copy too? Right now I can access the pdf online, and that’s it

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Hi! I got the same email but there’s no attachment in it. May I ask where did you find your report? I tried looking online but find no results. Many thanks!

Hi! Where did you find your report/access link? I got the email but there’s no attachment or access link. Thanks!

Hi @waterwater98 You need to go to the FBI website and login using the same process you did earilier.

@anon25417004 is it possible to make this a sticky? or come up top? This is freaky fast. Fingerprints reached yesterday, and got the clearance today.

@waterwater98 Go to the original email which has the pin number, there will be a link in that email. Click on that and enter your pin, you will see the status / report.

@fzansari They should be sending you a hard copy as well, unless you specified not to send one.

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I updated the “Read me first” guide it originally pointed to the old FBI process. Thanks for tip.



I have few questions on the finger print form we need to send to FBI. Sorry about too many questions. Just wanted to be sure before sending the card. Thanks in Advance

  1. We should send the “standard fingerprint form (FD-258)” right? Reason I am asking is, the form instruction says purpose of “Employment, Licensing” etc but no mention of immigration. Hope IRCC accepts this report from FBI for US Police clearance?

  2. The field “RESIDENCE OF PERSON FINGERPRINTED” is the current USA Residence address right?

  3. the field “EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS”. Do we need to fill or just leave it blank since this is not for employment check?

  4. I think the field “SIGNATURE OF OFFICIAL TAKING FINGERPRINTS” will be left blank too if we are taking our fingerprints ourselves?

  5. The field “REASON FINGERPRINTED” . Should I say “Immigration Purposes” ?

  6. The field “YOUR NO”, do we have to fill that? If yes what should be filled?

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  1. Yes FD-258 is the standard fingerprint card. Use only black ink to write on it. They accept the report that is generated by the FBI once you apply online though eDO and then submit this card by mail.

  2. Yes

  3. You can fill it in.

  4. Don’t take your own fingerprints please goto a local certified professional. Just search Yelp for fingerprinting.

5 & 6. Please apply online through FBI eDO these questions will be answered there.


FD-258 has a bunch of fields most of whom were already filled in the online form. Do we need to fill them again in the FD-258 form?

Yes, only the fields that you can fill.

How long is FBI report valid for??
I took one in February and I am expecting my invitation this month.
Should i get another one ??

Thats less than 6 months I think you’re fine.

how much usually those local certified professional take for 1 card?
or 2 cards one for me and spouse?

i donot see any available in my area on yelp… but i found two from google and one is asking $20 and other is asking $30… is that reasonable price

I got the fingerprint electronically printed from Identogo. I believe they operate across many cities. I paid about $23 including taxes for two cards (that’s their minimum).

Alternatively you can also goto police Dept or sheriff’s office and they are usually cheaper. In my area it’s $6 per card , I did not go there because they offer the service only on a particular day of the week and I did not want to wait.

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I thought local police Depts do only live finger scans …
This is written on their website:

“Officers use a digital fingerprint machine, which does not allow the “inking” of fingerprints. The machine captures the fingerprints digitally and prints them on police-provided print cards.”

So any idea if those police cards will be same as the cards required by FBI?

Which city are you in ?

And also is digital fingerprinting accepted by FBI?

When I paid $23 for two cards then those cards should belong to one person and can me and spouse do it together one for each

They will have the fingerprint card FD258. After scanning , they will print on that card which you can mail to FBI. Its 2 cards for same person, can’t be shared between two people.

i went to local police dept today and enquired about fingerprinting on FD258 format… they said they do it but they asked why do i need those… i said fbi verification… then they asked for what purpose…i said canada then they starting asking what in canada… if travelling if work visa…i told its PR (permanent residency visa) but still they didn’t understand… then i said its for an application to canada…
then they gave me appointment and asked to bring ORI number…
Anybody knows what is ORI number and where to get it… google says its orginating agency identification … will i get it once i create online fbi edo account or is it same for all of us??

and why did they ask me so many questions…any body faced similar questions? :slight_smile:

do i need to create two fbi edo accounts with two separate email ids?
me and spouse

Yes @srhere you need two separate accounts to track the progress.