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Few questions:
I am creating online EDO profile. i know questions below are simple and i should know these but i don’t want to take risk to delay anything with silly mistakes…

  1. Do i need to enter Social security number?
    my spouse does not have ssn…only itin…

  2. U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident… No… Right?

  3. Country of Residence: United States. Right?

  4. Race… Asian… Right? We are from India.

  5. Height, weight, eye color, hair color… do these need to match with driving license… asking because my drivers license dept put 1inch less than my actual height.

  6. Reason for Request… Live, work or travel in a foreign country… Right?

  7. What to enter in “In care of” or “Attention”… I myself live at that address so can i leave these blank…?

  8. Would you like your date of birth included on the response? Yes or No?


You need to enter SSN.

Also you can get fingerprinting done at UPS also.


thanks… but my spouse has ITIN instead of SSN… so should we enter that or leave it blank for spouse


the SSN field is not mandatory. You should be able to submit the application without it


Wasn’t aware of that. But if it isn’t mandatory I guess you don’t. My wife and I both entered it.


So your wife has SSN or you entered itin


I’ve never heard of anyone going to the local police for fingerprinting it’s they job to ask questions and be suspicious. :slight_smile: Just use Yelp look for “fingerprinting”.


Hi Friends,
I have a question regarding the PCC forms we need to submit.
1) I am the applicant and my wife is unaccompanying spouse in the application. (specified spouse not travelling to Canada with me)
2) I lived in US last 10 years and so I got FBI Verification done and Indian PCC from Indian embassy in Chicago for myself
3) My wife lived and worked in US from 2012 March and prior to that lived and worked in India. So got similar FBI Verification and Indian PCC from Indian embassy in Chicago for her too.
Does this suffice or I need to get Police verifications for my wife in India too because she was in India before 2012 (which is not within the 10 year timefe in USA) ?
I think for NRI s living in USA, getting PCC from nearest Indian Embassy will be enough even though they lived outside USA within the last 10 years. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
Thank you all again for the great help and guidance you are giving in this forum.


I think you might have made a small typo in your question since you say you did get FBI clearance and Indian PCC for your wife. And in your question, you asked if the Indian PCC is needed. Just to double confirm - an accompanying spouse will not receive PR so will not be able to live with you in Canada. And you will still need to add her to the application and even have her medical done.

If your wife has not lived in India for more than 6 months (in a row) within the last 10 years then you don’t need an Indian PCC.

Yes getting a Indian PCC from the nearest consulate is all that is needed.


Hey Vignesh,

Is it required to put in the ORI number on the Finger print card? I do not have the ORI number? What are the mandatory fields on the card?

Response greatly appreciated!



Hey all,

Is it required to put in the ORI number on the Finger print card? I do not have the ORI number? What are the mandatory fields on the card?

Response greatly appreciated!



I asked the same question…
But no one replied…what is the ORI number to be filled as local police Dept asked me to bring ori no when coming for fingerprinting


I dont know where is the ORI number on finger print card, at least I did not fill that on my card. The service provider just printed the FD 258 with my fingerprint and SSN, name, height, weight, eye color. I mailed the card along with email confirmation for online submission.


@arun.dash90 and @srhere as mentioned before I would avoid going to a police station for this as it’s extra work for them and not something they are very familiar with. Use yelp find a fingerprinter near you (often UPS stores do it) and just get it done there. From my research ORI number stands for “Originating Agency Identification” I’m pretty sure neither of you are an agency this number is used for ordering supplies as far as I understand :grinning:


Is it really reaquired for me to go to a fingerprinter and get my FD 258 done? I can take a print of the form, fill in the details and get the fingerprints using a blue/black stampad. Wont this work?


No, we didn’t enter an ORI number. The only thing we entered was our SSN, address, names, and reason for the fingerprint was immigration.


Not sure where you are based out of. I went to UPS, and they have the same form which they fingerprinted on. Cost us $27/person to fingerprint and ship the card to FBI.


Thanks Vignesh.

Was it an electronic fingerprint of a manual one using stamp pad? If its a manual fingerprint using a stamp pad then is it fine to get it done at home than going to the UPS?


It was manual. But they had both manual and electronic. We decided to go there because we wanted to get it done right in one go. Now I’m not saying you can’t do it at home. We just wanted to ensure we get it right and not have to have any issues. In the bigger scheme of things $30 didn’t seem much.


Did you register somewhere before going to the UPS store. When I called them up , they said that we need to first register at https://www.aps.gemalto.com/fl/indexNew.htm (which is a partnering agency). But the site doesn’t have a category for Immigration. Not sure what to do?