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$27 included shipping as well?
was it printed or inked fingerprints?


No we didn’t register anywhere. We looked on Yelp and went to the UPS center. They asked a few questions, we explained our request and they proceeded.

@srhere it was inked. $27 for my wife since she did two day delivery. Mine was $35 since I did next day. We got ours done on different days since I was traveling.

Finger print card was delivered on Monday, got my clearance report on Tuesday.


Thanks Vignesh fro your response.


thanks for reply… but i still did not understand…

$27 included fingerprints on the card and then even courier to fbi… really?

how much is it if we need just fingerprints?


Yes that was it if I recall. I can only tell you what I paid. If you are in the Bay Area I can tell you the center we went to.

Update: just checked with my wife. Fingerprinting was $25, an additional 5-8 dollar for shipping. Was $30 odd. Apologies, I recalled the fingerprinting price alone.

Anyhow, if you feel confortable to do it at home you can do so. We did this because we felt it was easier.


My experience was different altogether, I couldn’t find any finger printing professionals on yelp in my area, I went to local police station and got my finger printing done there for 25$. They simply asked me what’s the purpose and got on with it. I guess this will be relative to where you live.


Yeah…it’s seems it’s very common for local police Dept…they have special printout pasted there on inquiry window telling fingerprint pricing and appointments etc…

Moreoberany people on other forum got theirs from local police station too…thanks sourabh for confirmation…

One ques…did they have fd 258 cards already with them or you took your own printouts?
Also did you Canada immigration or exactly what did you say when they asked what it is for?


Yes they do finger printing on their own FD 258 card, no need to bring you own printout. I told them about FBI clearance for Canada immigration and apparently they didn’t care. Just bring some kind of state ID and cash to them and you are good. They don’t accept credit cards, only cash or moneyorder.


hey… i got the fingerprints today…

i told them for canada residency… but their computer had a drop down… where the best two options were “naturalization” or “volunteer background check”

as naturalization seems to me related to united states so i asked them to select “volunteer background checl”
and same was printed on the card…

also their computer put ori no automatically which they covered by a white pen after printing… perhaps local police dept have everything standard this way…

is that fine?
what was printed for you?


At my local police station, it wasn’t computerized, they simply filled out a form themselves and asked me to pay the fees at the reception where the cashier signed that form and that was it. There was no mention about ORI number or reason of finger printing on their form. It doesn’t matter as long as the fingers got printed on FD 258, we are good to go


mine police dept seemed computerized…
the officer there was good and gave me two cards in the price of one :slight_smile:

so do i need to fill other cells left blank by them or not?
like employer name/address… etc.


I filled out all the fields as much I could, I’d suggest filling out all the applicable info


did you fill full ssn or just last 4 digits on the card?


I put full SSN on the card


has anyone tried this -
sending both husband’s and wife’s fingerprints card and email confirmation in a single envelope? probably first put each set in its own envelope and then put both envelopes together in another envelope and then send to fbi… Does this work or will this work?


why not use separate envelope for each of you containing own confirmation and fingerprint card


Yeah that will work…was just trying to save some bucks :slight_smile:

Do we need to write any letter along with fingerprint card and confirmation print?


Nope, I sent mine and my wife’s card just today, didn’t send any letter, hopefully it’ll be ok. I got an extra fingerprint card done just in case :wink:


Hi Members,

I live in the united states for the past 4 years. For the police clearance certificates, is it enough to provide just the FBI clearance certificate or we need a police clearance from India as well?



“every country you (or a family member) stayed in during the last 10 years for 6 months or more in a row”