Does this mean PR is approved?

There was an update for a document in my profile earlier today. I’m not sure if this means we are close to PR? Can anyone confirm if they have gotten a similar letter

Yes, looks like it’s approved. What date did you apply for it after getting an ITA? Thanks!

Thank you.

Here is my timeline so far

Submission 1 - EE profile rejected - Feb 1, 2019 due to submission prior to receiving WES scores
Submission 2

  • May 2019 - submitted (and accepted) EE profile
  • July 2019 - Ontario PNP invite
  • Aug 2019 - Ontario PNP submission / documentation + OINP fees payment
  • Sep 2019 - ITA
  • Oct 2019 - Fingerprints / FBI clearance
  • Nov 2019 - India PCC (spouse)
  • Nov 2019 - EE + PR fees - paid
  • Dec 2019 - Biometrics
  • Dec 2019 - Medical
  • Dec 2019 - all documentation etc submitted including couple of re-submissions per IRCC request (paystubs)
  • Mar 2019 - the above letter via IRCC

Thanks for the detailed response. Mine was through PNP as well followed by Express Entry ITA and submitted all the documents (biometrics, Medical etc.) together in November first week and paid the fees. Haven’t received any updates yet except that “your medical reports were received and you’ve passed your medical exam”.

The pay stubs that they asked from you were the latest ones or the ones at the time of your ITA submission?

I had thought - originally - that the request was post ITA But I went back to check and found that it was post invite to Ontario PNP,

Below was all they asked:

I had already submitted those as part of EE profile, so I used the same documents and submitted those to OPNP as well.

My status was exactly same as yours, which I documented here as well - Post ITA processing time.

If there were no updates by end of this month, I was planning on ordering GCMS notes. For your case, if I can suggest to just wait for few more weeks, and you should see yours soon as well.

Good luck!

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The screenshot is pretty straight foward and has the generic statement from CIC / IRCC.