Driving history from US to Canada


Has anyone got their US DL transferred from US to Canada (especially CA or TX license) ?

If yes, what type of record from the US state DMV did you request for? and how much time it takes to get the record back?


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You will need to get a certified copy of your Texas driver’s license history to get credit for your years of driving. There is a fee for it. Its completely online, so you will download it right after you pay the fee on Texas DMVs website. One important thing to note is that you need to print and bring along the payment receipt with you along with the printout of the certified DL history. Without the payment receipt they won’t accept an online DL history here in Ontario DL service centers or at least that was my experience.

Thanks @am1
Is it the following option ? :
Type 2A
Certified 3-year history

I am looking at link in

It might work but I got the type 3A.

Thanks. so it’s this one:
Certified List of All Accidents and Violations on Record (Type 3A)

Since it worked for you, I will get the same one for me too. Thanks.

My CA driving history will need to be ordered by mail, since they dont provide online certified.

Yup that’s the one; along with the payment receipt it should work.
Also, the reason I took type 3A was that type 2A was limited to just 3 year history and I have a driving record for 14 years in Texas.

Has anyone got their driving history/record from California?
have few questions.

In form inf1125, the mailing address should be the one that we are currently living in . But what about the address of the person who is requesting their record? I never changed my address at DMV when I moved from CA to TX. Should I put my CA or TX address?


thanks @am1, , one last question.

Did you request your TX online driving history after moving to Canada, or some weeks before that?

I am wondering if Canada wants this latest or any old date is fine?

I can always apply it after moving to Canada, but just wondering what people have done here.

@usa2can I requested couple months before moving to Canada; let me know if you have any more questions, ask away :wink:

thanks again, since you gave the liberty to ask more questions, let me ask here.
what was the overall process of procuring the license in canada. did you just need the driving records from US plus your DL from US, or anything else too? (other than documents from canada like SIN, PR stuff, etc). and what type of driving license (G, G1, G2) you got based on your driving history. did you have to give written test? I guess thats enough for now :slight_smile:

You need to go to a service Ontario or drive test center with documents listed here:

Make sure the location does exchanges, not all locations do exchanges. Take the TX certified drivers record and the receipt with you as well. You should be able to a G license. Only eye test is required and nothing else.

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Thanks @am1

I got type 3A printed. the only problem is that I moved to texas last year, so will have to wait for some time before getting atleast 1 year history. not sure even then would be eligible for G2.

my CA driving history is 10+ years, so hoping that comes back soon, but they don’t have an online system, so mailed them today for a certified record.

You only need 2+ years of driving history to get G (full license) DL in Ontario.

yes, banking on my CA driving history record for that.

Hi, question for you. I’m in Alabama. I called Law enforcement agency and they charged me the fee on phone and sent drivers history on a pdf file in an email. It has Agency and state logo in the background and at bottom it says " i hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of the record in drivers licence unit… with officer name underneath it. would that suffice ?
I don’t have payment receipt…Should i ask for it ?

Yes you should get a payment receipt to show long with your pdf print out. They require that for all online DL history records.

OK thanks,actually I ordered it in month of March. I don’t think if they can still print the receipt for me. Anyways will check with them or will order another. It doesn’t cost much.

Is the form inf1125 a correct one to request for driving record in California. Has anyone done it? If yes, what did the record they mailed to you contained?


Hi @gadaakhil

I just received my CA driving record. Have you also ordered one?

I have a question here, it shows the date of license as from my last license renewal (2017 oct - 2019 may). It also shows my previous addresses in CA (8 + years).

Is that also the case for you ?

I was expecting more of it in the format that I have driven in CA from the date I first procured license in California to last date.

Not sure if everyone has received in this format, could you confirm?