Driving history from US to Canada

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Is there any way to find out which ones have these kiosks? I’m also doubtful that they would let you get any record but your own - privacy laws etc.

Hi folks, I moved up here to BC and wasn’t smart enough to get the driving information from California DMV before I left. I was able to mail them the Request for Information form to get an official driving record, which has a stamp, and get it mailed back to us. Two tricks: 1) Keeping a US bank account, and writing a US check; 2) Having a US-based mailing service for delivery of the mail; they then forward it to you.

However, the California DMV sent us back a cover letter saying that they don’t keep old records: “It is the policy of this depart to purge and destroy older driving records each time you renew your drivers license.” Thus I can only get driving record going back no more than 10 years (current and last license renewal), but I have like 20 years of driving history. My wife has even more.

Do any of you from California know how to get California DMV to issue the ENTIRE history of your license to get the maximal discount possible? Many thanks

CA DMV did not issue me old driving history either (by ‘old’ I mean anything that was there before my last VISA approval). Luckily, I had both my old and new CA DL with me.
After coming to Canada, I showed them the new driving history, both the licenses and explained the story at the counter that CA DMV doesn’t issue old history records. The officer at the counter was reasonable and after checking some details on monitor (I am pretty sure that the USA and Canada somehow share driving history), she issued me G license for the full CA period. She also took my old licenses and explained that she is supposed to send them back to the USA as a part of the exchange program.

For anybody else coming from California, I’m finding I have to call the DMV Information Request department at 1-916-657-8098. You press 0 then 0 again to talk to a technician.

We actually did submit a request form (INF-70?) with bold block letters hand written on it saying “FIRST ISSUE LETTER DATE”, which is supposed to give you the first date you issued your license. However they did not follow up on it. If you call them they can help you and make sure it gets done.

Sharing my experience at Drive Test Ottawa-
Moved from California to Ottawa in Nov. 2020. I got my Californiia license isssued originally in 2015, but the recent renewal date was Oct 2020. The only abstract DMV CA shared with me (after I sent them INF70) was from Oct 2020 with a letter saying that they overlay the license information with any subsequent renewals.

Went to two Ottawa Drive test locations on 16 Feb with the 4 month DMV certified extract, 5 year insurance history, uncertified abstracts (had one from 2017 as well). I did not have any old DLs with me though.

The agent at the Drive centre did not agree to the fact that DMV California doesn’t issue a complete history. At one point 2 agents even questioned the authenticity of the abstract I brought. They did ask me if I had an old DL which I didn’t unfortunately.

In the end they asked me to figure out with DMV for the full history, else settle with a G2 for which I can give the G road test ~2 years from my California license issue date.

What I understood from the 2 month proccess is that DMV California’s process to get the abstract is quite lengthy and they don’t maintain the history before the latest renewal. And Drive Test is not aware of it which creates an issue for people in situation like me. I wouldn’t blame Drive Test too as it is difficult to believe that DMV wouldn’t maintain complete history. Regarless, it is what it is.

Same thing happened with me, however the difference is, I had my DL renewed in CA DMV back in 2019. So, I had 18 months worth of official experience. Additionally, I had my official copy from Maryland for a year (Maryland issues certified official copies through email, but the home of Silicone Valley doesn’t!!).
And I had my old CA DL with me. So, Drive Test agreed to give me full G starting from 2015.

Can anyone please tell me what documents are required to get Ontario DL? I have my US DL extract.

Take your past original DLs as well if you’ve them. Nothing needed for address proof. The longer your driving history, the better the insurance premiums so if you can show them proofs of your entire driving history they will note it down on your file. And this will be useful when you shop around for auto insurance.