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So for BTech, the envelope sould have -

  1. Colored copy of all Semester marksheets - Registrar needs to Stamp and sign on each copy [8 Pages]
  2. Colored Copy of Degree - Registrar needs to Stamp and sign on each copy [1 Page]
  3. Request Form - signed by both candidate and registrar [2 Pages]
  4. My college had CGPA, do we need a conversion to percentage and would the registrar need to sign the conversion?

Then Registrar Folds and Puts 11 Pages + (1 Page in case 4 is answered yes) in an Envelope and seal and sign it where its pasted.

Then We out the address on top and courier it.

Is this the right understanding?

As far as i understand you are sending 2 packages to WES Canada. The first is a copy of your Degree and the second is the sealed transcripts. You could put these in 1 package but the sealed transcripts envelope will have to be included as is. Also remember to mention the Reference number clearly.

Offical WES Guide to Sending Transcripts

Degree Certificate - WES Does not mention that this has to be attested

Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Doctoral Degree. For completed study, send a clear and legible copy of this document to WES. Do not send your original document.

Annual Statement of Marks/Official Transcript - Has to be from the institution responsible for conducting the examinations

WES does not accept mark sheets that have been issued and/or attested by the college you attended unless from an autonomous or constituent college

How to seal Transcripts

If the institution gives you the document to send to WES, the document must be attested, dated, and placed in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate authentication officer at the institution that conducted the examination. If the envelope is opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, WES cannot accept the document.

WES only accepts documents attested and sealed by the designated official at the institution that conducted the examination (e.g. Controller of Examination or Registrar’s Offices). Attestations by individual professors, officials at affiliated colleges, or external notary publics will not be accepted.

Bit confused here, i understand TRANSCRIPT as a single page having all semester marksheets. So do we need a transcript or do we needs 8 pages per semester marksheets?

Transcript is a consolidated document on college letterhead with stamp and signature of Controller of Examination or Registrar’s Offices. Some Indian universities just provide attested copies of marksheets with stamp and signature. Whichever you get ensure they are in an envelope sealed ( pasted shut with a seal placed on the opening cover and signature )

WES does not accept mark sheets that have been issued and/or attested by the college you attended unless from an autonomous or constituent college. WES only accepts sealed documents issued by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations (e.g. university, constituent or autonomous college) To check if your college has autonomous status click here

WES isn’t accepting transcripts from the recent universities that lost accreditation like N.P.U. what to do?

How to deal with this unique situation is not documented anywhere. WES Canada has a Toronto address and a phone number I can try reaching out to them tomorrow and see if they can answer.

Is the university in question here N.P.U or another one? I think its better to ask about a specific university and the reason behind loosing accreditation can be related to how WES treats degrees from there.

Yes, N.P.U is the university. when filling the WES application with N.P.U. its displaying WES doesn’t evaluate N.P.U’s documents.

Have you tried these alternatives to WES Canada.

  1. IQAS assessment for immigration purposes

  2. ICAS of Canada

  3. Comparative Education Service (CES)

Yes, ICAS is little better option among those as they have comparatively shorter process times of two months where as the others are 20weeks minimum. But ICAS does not have online process. Therefore, I am not sure about how its going to end.

I tried calling WES Canada today their local Toronto number. They put me on hold for a long while. Will try next week again . Try calling / contacting ICAS first about NPU so you don’t have an surprises.

Sure and thank you very much

Do you have an update on this issue. Did you find a solution. ?

hi guys , little different challenge here . any guidance will be great . I did my masters from india (12+3+2) as as per WES
"For all applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip earned on top of a three year Bachelor’s Degree (12+3+2) for evaluation, WES requires that you provide your Bachelor’s degree documents, otherwise WES cannot complete the evaluation."

i have master degree and transcript . so, do I need to provide photo copy of bachelors degree document and transcript ( sealed ) or just photo copy would work .

You would need to provide sealed transcripts for both the degrees. Photocopies would not be accepted.

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Thanks @mrandmrs

Hello , I have a doubt regarding WES evaluation. I have MS degree from US and B.Tech from India. Since only the highest degree would fetch maximum points, I am planning to get ECA only for my MS degree.However, do I need to send my B.Tech transcripts too along with my MS transcripts as a proof for getting ECA of my MS degree? I am not sure on this and any information in this regard would be really helpful.
Thank you!

No, you do not need to send your bachelors document along with MS. When you get your evaluation from WES for MS, they will state something like based on bachelor from ___ university or so on top. The reason being, your MS transcript should and mostly will have your bachelor degree title on their transcript.

Also no accredited university will issue a MS degree without having a valid bachelors.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thank you so much Vignesh!

Has anyone got evaluated Masters from India here?

not sure why wrong information was provided till now here… It was told that you need just Masters evaluated as highest education and no need to send bachelors transcripts…

But WES is asking for bachelors transcripts also for my Masters in Technology (M.Tech.) from India… and sad thing after 1.5 months of process already… :frowning:

They told any Masters degree from india needs bachelors documents also…

@srhere - I think the context behind the MS vs. Bachelors was based on our experience for US based MS. It is odd that they they took so long to tell you that you need to send bachelors. It could be, due to Indian M.Tech degree not stating that you have received bachelors etc. It is certainly odd.