Educational Evaluation Sending Documents

I have a question on Educational evaluation. Can you please let me know if the candidate should be sending the document to WES for evaluation or should the issuing institution send the educational certificates? I am currently in USA and not sure if I would be able to track down the concerned person for this from my university which i graduated years ago.

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It depends on where you went to university. If you say did a Masters at a US university then either the university directly mails sealed documents or sends them to you and you mail them to WES (Do not un seal them).
For say India its a little more complex and attestation of documents is required.

This below link will show you the process and what documents are required for every country / education level combination.

Also if you have multiple degrees say a Bachelors from India and a Masters from the US then points are awarded for the highest degree awarded. You only need to have WES evaluate your Masters Degree the WES report should say “Canadian Equivalency: Master’s Degree” and “Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree”.


I have a bachelors in technology in Computer Science from Jaypee Institute of Informatation Technology (Deemed University).

I have 2 questions -

  1. Not sure how would WES Evaluation happen, do i need to send someone in person with copies of degree and marksheets and then courier it to WES or just request online with university and they can send it on their own.

  2. Should I create a WES Profile for myself and pass the number to them before requesting them to send it, incase they agree.

Kindly provide details for yourself or anyone else who did it from India, a step by step would really help

There are 2 ways to send the requirement documents to WES. Also the mailer will have to be addressed with the “WES Reference No.” so yes you will have to create a profile first.

  1. Have your college ship a sealed package of documents to you and you send them to WES (have to remain sealed do not try to open)

  2. Have you college send the seal package directly (easier with US colleges)

See this link for what documents will have to be sent.

After I send my masters degree to WES does the evaluated report say “Canadian Equivalency: Master’s Degree” and “Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree” like you said or should I request WES to get the above.

Not sure what you meant by “Should I request WES to get the above”. WES will email you once its done its job the report looks like this.

Dear all,

To get my wife’s official transcripts from India, my father will have to work with the university to prepare the official transcripts. Here, I would like you to confirm the process of preparing official transcripts. Please let me know if you see any issue in the below process:

  1. My father will get the photocopies of all mark-sheets and a degree certificate.

  2. He will get the above copies attested by university registrar with university seal and signatures.

  3. He will put these documents in the envelope, and the envelop will be signed and sealed according to the WES specification ( . (I am taking WES help in evaluation).

  4. He will work with the university to send these documents directly from there to WES (In this case, providing registrar contact and university address as a sender, should be sufficient). He will do the speed post by himself.

I believe the above process should be sufficient. Please let me know if something is missing here.


The way I did this last year (through BCIT and Univ of Toronto, and with University of Pune), is to have the university of Pune mail my transcripts directly to these agencies. For this Univ of Pune needed an application filled, the required fees (through challan and all that cr*p, nothing online :thinking: ), and my marksheets submitted in person. So I had to send my parents to do this. The university took 2.5 months to send the transcripts and I had to send everything required by Univ of Toronto, who took another month or so for evaluation. Not a smooth ride but got it done in the end.

I think all the evaluating agency cares is that your university should send a sealed transcript directly to them and that the names should match. So the transcript sent by the university + whatever else you are required to mail to them directly constitutes the complete package before they evaluate it. In my case last year BCIT and UoT matched my name on transcript and my name on application and did the evaluation.

I think this sounds about right. The evaluating agency (WES in your case) is only concerned whether they required documents are coming (sealed/stamped and all the works) from the university directly. Just make sure the senders address is the university’s address.

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Hi Everyone,

I am planning to get evaluation done on my Masters which i will use for the scores. However I am thinking if I should just get my Bachelors evaluated as well.

The reason I ask is because I did my Masters from UK and generally all Masters in UK are of 1 year full time study only - does the duration of Masters matters? Should i get my Bachelors from India (Mumbai University) also evaluated? I was hoping that only my Masters will do because currently i don’t have anyone in Mumbai who could run around and get this work done.

Please suggest.


try checking your equivalency of UK degree in canada by using this link:

If your university name is not there in this tool… then don;'t worry… create a new application (no need to goto last step of paying fees) and add personal details and education there and see if still university name appears… If yes then WES can evaluate it… If not then WES will not evaluate it…

As WES fees is same to get 1 degree or 2 degrees evaluated so some people prefer to get both masters and bachelors evaluated… although only masters equivalent in canada is enough to get highest CRS score in that category…

thanks @srhere, yes my university is there in the drop down… so i guess that will ok to go ahead with even though its 1 yr full time master (MBA) instead of a standard 2 yr masters.

so does it show equivalency in Canada as Masters… If yes then you are good.

Yes, when i choose my University - it says - Equivalency in Canada:|Master’s degree :slight_smile:

thanks again for all the help!