Experience Count

Hello Everyone,
Just joined today and tried to do find my answer but haven’t been successful yet, however, if any kind hearten friend can answer my question it would be a great help!
I am providing my work experience below:

NOC Code Duration Title Skill Level Country
1311 5 years 8 Months Accauntant B Bangladesh
1431 6 Months PT/3 Moths FT Admin & Accounts Assistant C Australia
1311 3 Months FT Finance Officer B Australia
1111 2+ Months ongoing Accountant A Australia

And the education qualification is as below:

Degree Year Country
Secondary School Certificate 2007 Bangladesh
Higher Secondary Certificate 2009 Bangladesh
Bachelors of Business Administration 2012-2015 Bangladesh
Masters of Professional Accountoing Advanced 2016-2017 Australia

Based on this information, can you please tell me how many years of experience i will able to demonstrate for FSW express entry and in which will be my primary NOC?
Thanks friends. Any useful reply will be highly appreciated as i am planning to sit for IELTS, but want to make sure i have enough tools to move forward before start investing on this purpose?

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