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Hello Vikram,

Great article about moving from USA to Canada. I read it on TOI and signed up to your blog. Could you give me some advice on moving to Canada? I had already applied once through Express Entry but did not select due to lower points.

My Profile
Age:- 33
Education - BE in Chemical Engineering (Mumbai University), MS in Chemical Engineering (Texas), MBA (Cincinnati, OH).

Total work experience in Chemical engineering= 8 years
In that, 2 years in USA.
I moved back to India in 2014 due to visa issues.
I wanted to move to Canada for better healthy life for my daughter and us.

Now I run E-commerce business in India and just, started consulting some chemical companies in India and USA (Business Visa).

Any advice on how I should re-apply or get job in my field in Canada to increase points by 400 ? Whether it will be beneficial to apply form USA? I have my client ready to apply for my H1B to become his full time employee from part -time consultant. Last time, I had applied from India in 2015. I believe that I have enough credentials to move to Canada but need some experts advice.



Hi Deepak,

in 2017 CRC points came down drastically and I am sure based on your credentials you will be eligible for it. Please add your profile once again in express entry and you should be able to get the invite. Points were really high in 2015. Now CRC cut of for ITA is 446.

Thank you,
Shreyas Sali


Thanks Shreyas. Let me see it again then. Last time my score was 380 only so I am still way away from 446? I had evaluated my profile through David Cohen law firm. I will do it by myself this time because they did nothing other than submitting my application. Any advice on increasing my points? My wife is Computer engineer but she doesn’t work or have any work experience.



What was your IELTS score?
CIC has a CRS calculator and see what score you get for various IELTS scores above 7.0


You could try for a provincial nomination. Its possible a province needs chemical engineers.


Hello Vik,

Thanks for the PNP program guidelines. I will start looking at it now.



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so i have submitted my profile today… and we have sufficient scores to get ITA tomorrow…

but it shows “Express Entry profile effective date May 23, 2018”…
today is May 22 so why does it show May 23… any issue?


Then you submitted just in time it seems!


Possibly something do with timezones of where you are and what the CIC computers are set to.