Finding CRS score good enough or not

I have 11+ year of experience in embedded system design and a B-Tech degree from India. What would be good score in IELTS? I don’t see any field for experience outside CANADA in CRS score calculation. What other option i have to move to canada?

“What would be good score in IELTS?” Maximum (9/9) is always better. You need atleast 7 to even get IELTS points for express entry.

“I don’t see any field for experience outside CANADA in CRS score calculation” what do you mean?

Hi Anshul

Thanks for your quick response, I have calculated my CRS based on 7 and 9 IELTS score and i get a CRS score between 350-395, based on reading over here i believe this is not a good score for EE. What other option i have to move to Canada.
Foreign work experience i believe 3+ has same score.
If i get a offer from Canadian company to i still need IELTS score to move there.


IELTS points are one of the only points you can affect at this point in time it’s really important to prepare and try and max it. Having a high IELTS score also means that you get double the points for your work experience. You can retake this test a lot of people retake it.

You’re other option is trying for PNP that is when a province nominates you and give you a ton of extra points ensuring PR. All provinces in Canada offer this each has it’s own processes and applications.

This is the hardest unless you have existing connections with a Canadian company. Most companies are reluctant to hire from overseas unless it’s for a tech position they can bring in under the new GTS visa. But if you do have a valid offer than that gives you additional points.


Thanks for your response, in CRS calculation outside Canada experience shows 3+ year experience as same point.
So my query here is if one has 4 year of experience another person has 10 year both carry same score. If so how the numbers of year of experience affect CRS.


Yes you can only get points for a maximum of 3 years of foreign work experience but if you get a CLB 9 on the four language abilities then you get double the number of points.

In your example they get the same points provided one of them does not meet the language score criteria in which case he would have double the points even with 4 years of experience.

Getting high CRS score is fairly good enough to apply for the Canada PR, although you need to aware of the required funds, and other factors.