What is PNP and how I use it to get extra CRS points

@anon25417004 and team, considering that this forum is not just about EE process and for overall “Moving to Canada” it would be greatly appreciated if you or anybody in this group could provide steps and procedures for the PNP prog especially for BC and Ontario Province.

For some of us here, who are not able get good points on the CRS, PNP would be a great option and it would be great if you could provide details on that front as well.

I request all members of this group as well to share their knowledge on the PNP, so we all can learn from bits and pieces.

Thank you all!


Here is a list of PNP progs for every province in Canada. Keep in mind each province sets its own rules for it’s PNP prog so they can be very different.

British Columbia
Qubec - Does not participate in Express Entry

New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

If you want to claim extra points of your PNP nomination when applying for PR through Express Entry or some other prog then you must first satisfy the requirements for the chosen province’s PNP prog and get nominated by them.

If you are accepted into a PNP prog then you can choose the name of the province in your Express Entry profile under the section for provincial nomination. Then contact your province and provide them your “Express Entry profile number” which they will then use to send confirmation to CIC.

The nomination will then show up on your MyCIC profile and you will have 30 days to accept or reject it. Also if you do your PR using PNP then you may be required to live in that province for up to 2 years.