Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Where do you see “application submitted”

I can clearly see the status as “application/profile updated” in your screenshot :slight_smile:

Click on “Check full application status” beside that and then inside you will see each step and if any update there



Hi All

I received ITA in last draw and having a query related to Employment record.

I worked with only one employer for 6 years with different designations and at different locations in India. In March, 2018 I resigned and received required service and reference letter from employer.

Do I need to mention and upload records for each designation and locations separately in work history? Or a single record of 6 years with start and end date of my employment will be enough?



My bad, that was an old one. The latest states Current status - Submitted. The full status mentions as passed medical exam and reviewing eligibility criteria. Both background check and final decision has- Application is in progress. Earlier I wasn’t looking into status of each step, thanks for pointing to that. :slight_smile:



Hi Sravya, I think we both are in the same boat in terms of AOR. Please do post once you receive any updates. Thanks



Sure thing Kapil.



@mrandmrs I guess its more than 7 months now. Any update to your application?



Nope. Still waiting!




I am sorry to hear that its taking this much time for your application.

Do you have any idea about the reason for delay? I would really appreciate because I submitted my application yesterday.




All they said was that they are still processing and that we should be patient.


  1. In Personal history, do we have to enter all the addresses? E.g. in Location A if you stayed in 3 address do we have to mention all the addresses? Even if no address proofs are available?

  2. What if employment overlaps education. MBA completed while employed and that employment is also shown in the EE profile. Do we have to mention it anywhere in LOE?

  3. In Personal History regarding the MBA it asks for the city/town where it was completed. City where I completed the course is A through a study center and the university is situated in city B. Nowhere in my degree the college name is mentioned, but college name is mentioned in the transcript which was sent to WES. What should I mention the city/town as?

  4. MBA evaluation done by WES as Bachelors 4 years. Mark sheet says OLC (Online Learning Center)/ Study Center name. Do we have to mention anywhere it is a correspondence course and will it change the CRS scores?

  5. US employees who have a registered home address (A) and travel to work at other locations (B) and stay there (not in hotels) and return during weekends like PWC, EY consultants. Will they have to mention both A and B address in their 10 year places stayed.

  6. Also do we need to add our old passport details if the travel history is more than 10 years ago but one of the visa was valid till 2016? I guess the passport was only to prove Identity.

@avj @srhere @mrandmrs @arun.dash90 @sourabh.deshkulkarni @sher.sfo

Other Experts, please advise.



It is better to provide all the addresses. They don’t ask for address proofs.

It doesn’t need to go in LoE. I believe they will both show up in your Personal history section.

I am not sure how long distance education details need to be provided but I assume you would need to provide the location of the university.

Again I am not sure whether this needs to be stated. May be someone who has been through a similar situation can help.

I guess if you have a registered home base address, you would just need to provide that and not mention all the intermediate places where you stayed during the week while consulting.

I don’t think we need to mention the older passports, especially if the travel was over 10 years ago.



Hello Kapil, Do you have any update on your application?



Nope, nothing. Not even IP2 !



Okie. My current status is - We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information. Estimated completion date: March 21st, 2019.



I didn’t get that as well, its still in same status. I think its just a waiting game for now.



As per this post, the App Status we see is no longer meaningful.
IRCC has changed its internal processes since June 2017:

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Thank you. Hope you have got your PPR.



No, still waiting.



I am dying to hear a ‘got PPR’ msg from any one of u… Bcz finally tht will give me hope that at least after 9 months also it will finally happen!



Q) Is it necessary to submit PNP nomination certificate when we upload documents ?
Q) If PNP nomination certificate is not submitted, can we submit it later if asked by Visa officer?

Many Thanks in advance!