Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Where do you see “application submitted”

I can clearly see the status as “application/profile updated” in your screenshot :slight_smile:

Click on “Check full application status” beside that and then inside you will see each step and if any update there


Hi All

I received ITA in last draw and having a query related to Employment record.

I worked with only one employer for 6 years with different designations and at different locations in India. In March, 2018 I resigned and received required service and reference letter from employer.

Do I need to mention and upload records for each designation and locations separately in work history? Or a single record of 6 years with start and end date of my employment will be enough?


My bad, that was an old one. The latest states Current status - Submitted. The full status mentions as passed medical exam and reviewing eligibility criteria. Both background check and final decision has- Application is in progress. Earlier I wasn’t looking into status of each step, thanks for pointing to that. :slight_smile:


Hi Sravya, I think we both are in the same boat in terms of AOR. Please do post once you receive any updates. Thanks


Sure thing Kapil.


@mrandmrs I guess its more than 7 months now. Any update to your application?


Nope. Still waiting!



I am sorry to hear that its taking this much time for your application.

Do you have any idea about the reason for delay? I would really appreciate because I submitted my application yesterday.



All they said was that they are still processing and that we should be patient.