Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Quick question: @anshul.v.joshi

in the Application/ Profile details -> ID documents page - I have been asked to enter the passport information, do I add expired passports as well? or just the current one?

I got a new passport in January - It doesn’t have any Visa stamps Also while upload passport copy , do I include the recently expired passport as well? which has all the travel I added in personal history

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It’s recommended to include major debt (e.g. home or car loan). Having a loan doesn’t affect the decision making if you have minimum required in liquid funds (e.g. savings).

For proof, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you are keeping money.

Letter(s) must:

  • be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead
  • include their contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
  • include your name
  • list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans
  • include, for each current bank and investment account:
    • account numbers
    • the date each account was opened
    • the current balance of each account
    • the average balance for the past six months

You will also need to maintain this minimum balance during landing.


Question: For Degree/ Diploma Documentation

  1. Do we need to upload a) Final copy of the Degree b) Transcripts or Both?

I see from the comments that WES PDF can be combined along with the Degree/Transcript.

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No need of any WES pdf. They have that info with the number you specify. You need to upload combined pdf of Degree Certificate and Official Transcript.


Is it mandatory to submit transcripts along with WES evaluation? Because we typically submit transcripts to get the evaluation done.


transcripts are not needed at this step… you already provided transcripts to WES to do the evaluation report


Thanks for your response!


Newbie Questions
My wife is primary , we are in US,and we are planning on taking IELTS on sep29.
1- do we need to do education evaluation for highest degree ( MS in US for both of us) AND transcripts ? Or is it just degree?
2- we have two kids and do we have to do medical exam for all 4 of us ?
I assume the passport copies will be for all of us
Your responses are really appreciated


Hello everyone,

I am in the middle of submitting my EE profile. In the Work History, where we need to put our NOC Code. We also need to mention the dates when we got eligible for that NOC job.

In my case, the NOC is 2172 (Data Analyst and Administrator ) for which I became eligible right after my undergrad (August ,2013) but I started working only after the completion of my Masters Degree.

So shall I put August 2013 as the date or December 2017 (Master’s End Date) ?

Please see the image for understanding.




Bachelors end date should work.


Thanks @anshul.v.joshi


@mrandmrssolapurkar Did you get your PPR? I remember you saying that you’ve ordered the GCMS notes. Any luck with that? What did the notes say? I mean did it say anything about what stage your application is at ? And why is there a delay in your processing?