Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


I’ve received an email stating “Ready for Visa” and steps involved as Update your application, Determine if passport submission is needed, submit documents. There is a deadline of 30 days from today to submit the documents.

I will be getting married on Feb 21st and I’m planning on adding my spouse to the application. Is it still possible to do so with the given timeline? If so, what is the process?



I’ve received a “Ready for Visa” email from Is this same as PPR?



Yes, Congratulations!



Thanks Arun! :slight_smile:



What all documents to be submitted at this stage? Is it the ones which we uploaded post ITA? Thanks!






Can anyone share his/her viewpoint on below, Thanks!

I have a PNP nomination and submitting my documents in express entry profile.

Q) Is it necessary to submit PNP nomination certificate when we upload documents ?
Q) If PNP nomination certificate is not submitted, will it be asked by Visa officer later?



If you have claimed points for it during profile submission then yes I think. I’m guessing you have a “Upload” button for this nomination certificate in the final application?



Yes, with PNP nomination we got additional 600 points and we mentioned that we have a nomination from a particular province. There was no specific Upload button for the Nomination certificate.



During EE did they ask you for the certificate number or anything like that (similar to IELTS score). If that’s the case you don’t need to upload anything, but it might be worthwhile to include it in the LoE just to be safe.



My wife worked in a school for 5 years then went to study for 2 years and changed profession to IT (2+ years). Can I put 5 years school teaching experience for ITA? Also her previous 2 employers do not issue experience letters to employees directly. We have all tax documents, offer letter and pay stubs. What should we do?



passport, 2 photos, 1 pre-paid envelope, Annex A form. This is the stage after they reviewing documents uploaded post ITA.




I have sent couple of emails to mentioning about the changes in my marital status and asking for process to include my spouse in the application. Its been about 2 weeks now and haven’t received any response. Does anyone know alternative means of approaching them? I have to send my passport for visa stamping in next couple of weeks and I’m hoping to include my spouse prior to that. Please suggest what can be done.



If any Of the following conditions apply, you must inform us time immediately via email .

· Marriage or common-law union, divorce, annulment, legal separation;

· Death of the sponsor, the main application covered gold Any Accompanying family member;

· Birth or adoption of a child, Including grandchildren born to dependent children;

· You, the main application covered, gold’any of your family members-have-been charged or Convicted of a criminal offense.

Have you emailed the address given above? It should’ve been there in the Ready for Visa email you received?



Thanks @avj for your response.

The email id mentioned in Ready for Visa email is Let me try sending an email to the address you mentioned as well.



That’s just the “from” email address. The second one was given in the body of the email.



Hi! I live in USA. I got my ITA and collected all documents so far. But, I have a confusion about the bank letters. In US, I have:

  • Savings and Checking account with bank #1
  • credit card with bank #2
  • credit card joint account with my husband in Bank #3, in which my husband is the primary account holder.

In India, I have a savings and checking account with Bank#4 and a NRI account with Bank #5.

I already took a letter from Bank #1 where I have the most funds to show my financial status and I thought one letter will be sufficient. But, I recently heard that we need to provide letters from all banks. Now, my question is:

  1. should I get letters from other banks too? The problem is I am unable to get in touch with the Indian Banks from US and I am not confident that I will get them.
  2. Should I submit a letter for the credit card joint account too? I am the primary applicant for the Canada PR.
  3. How will the immigration officers know if i have more than one account?

I am left with only 10 days and I am confused about this part. Any suggestions and self-experiences can help!




As long as you have sufficient funds in Bank #1, you don’t need letters from the other banks. Letters for other accounts and credit cards are optional.




Can you please help what employment documents are mandatorily required for the primary and secondary applicant while applying for Express Entry.

My main concern is regarding the hike letters and form 16 do we need this of every year from the previous employment.

Thank you !!



Hi. Thank you for the list of documents needed for the EE application.

I’m from India and have got the PCC issued from the passport office. My question is, the PCC is a black and white document. I mean, the original letterhead is black and white. Will this be an issue when uploading?