Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


oh so you mean we need same size photos again, physical, for PPR photo request?


Check these requirements:

You will be sending two of these photos when you get PPR, that’s obvious as mentioned on many previous posts and will also be mentioned on the PPR email you get in future, so you need two physical PR photos according to CIC standards.

You need to also submit digital photo while submitting the PR application that you know already since you have the final PR application in front of you. I don’t remember my own application specs but check the instructions given on your application. They definitely will have a size (in bytes) requirement so you need to be able to get a digital copy or optimize one using a image editing tool. I did not know the pixel size requirement so I got mine scanned and uploaded that since there was no scaling, but check your application. I don’t know if it’s OK to edit the image so much and upload so I went ahead and got the official hard copy scanned to begin with.

My uploaded photo and the physical copies were taken on different days with different clothes so that is not an issue. Photos have to be less than 6 months old (check link)

To answer your previous question, I didn’t think even once to use my webcam/phone to take my own picture since it’s a PR application for another country. I presumed it needs to be official-looking.

I have no idea about the online photo service.


thanks for detailed information…
just one last ques on this…

Does it ask to upload digital photo immediately after uploading documents or it asks for photos after some days of submitting application with documents?
asking because i am planning to submit application in next 2-3days so will get photos ready accordingly…


You cannot submit without uploading all documents, including the digital photo. It should be visible on your application page.


thanks… right now i cannot see the documents list or photo ask… because i have not submitted the information yet… thanks anyways

  1. Document: Education (diplomas/degrees)
    Do we need to attach pdf only for Final degree of each education like bachelors and masters…
    or even the marksheets are required alongwith final degree for each education after 10th…

  2. For each category out of 8 (as mentioned in first post), do we need to upload single combined pdf file or multiple pdfs for each category can be uploaded?

  3. Does anyone know how to print pdf from an existing pdf which is password protected… the payslip received from my old and new employer is password protected and i am not able to print to pdf …
    if no way then i am planning to print it on paper and then scan again…

  1. In the instructions, it only asks to provide a diploma or degree. Some people also add their WES evaluation to it. You may add any documents you want but I think only the degrees are expected.

  2. Usually it will allow only a single file to be uploaded. When you go to the documents page, certain categories will have ‘Multiple’ written next to them where you will be able to add multiple files.

  3. Try this:
    If that doesn’t work, I am sure there would be other search results out there which can help you.


I am also from Accenture and got it. Forget ur immediate boss… U can ask any mgr or any boss of any other project u worked with. U just need to remember their email I’d and mail them personally with your job duties and ask them to approve it. Actually u hv a specific department especially for this purpose… U should give them ur mgr or boss’s email I’d whoever will approve ur jobs and duties description. Once they get the approval, they will mail it to you right away!


Above message is for Arun.dash90 and you can mail me on and I can send you the Accenture specific account for ur purpose.

Padmavathi Remany


If i am taking my own photo with DSLR at home … then anybody knows if little glare in the eyes fine or not?

i read that glare or reflection is not allowed in the glasses if you are wearing any in photo… but not able to verify about some glare coming in the eyes from window.


Honestly, you would be better off getting it done professionally unless you are very confident that your photo will be accepted by CIC.


@arun.dash90 - Can you share the process to get the police verification for Indian through Indian embassy and what’s the approx time it takes.

Do i need to take appointment first.


yeah thats what i thought initially… but then i was not happy with professional photo from costco last time for us visa stamping… so this time i thought as its digital i will try myself…
do you have any suggestions which usa company offers canadian sized specs for photo and digital one?

and the photo size for eAPR (when submitting docs after ITA) , is it 50x70 or is it The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35mm x 45mm?


Guys… I need a suggestion about employment letter and reference letter…

  1. As my company does not provide detailed letter with responsibilities without manager approval and manager did not provide approval, So i asked one of earlier managers to provide personal reference.
    Now problem is that he wrote letter content on email instead of signing/scanning.
    Anybody knows if that will work?
    should i just print email to pdf and upload as reference or should i print and sign myself and notarize or do we really need a printed signed letter?
    I already got signed/notarized letter from a colleague for current role. The above letter is for previous roles.

  2. The generic format of employment letter from company has my name, joining date, current designation and current lcation. Problem here is that they wrote current designation as per hr database and as generic designation in company in India. But i am working as different role in USA and thats what is there in reference letter also… but this way is not matching …so any concerns?

  3. My experience with previous company provides me 2 years in last 10 years (got official letter with duties) and my current role in current company provides me 2 years (and got a notarized letter from colleague)…
    So, to avoid situation of point no. 1 above, should i remove the middle 5 years experience and move to personal history?
    as these 2 (old company) +2 years (current role) give me sufficient points… asking because i got ITA already and i had specified all 10 years roles and responsibilities… or should i keep as it is and provide whatever i can like email reference for those middle 5 years??

Thank you guys in advance. Please advise soon as these are final suggestions i need to submit application today or tomorrow.


Costco is not the best option for PR photo as they have very limited templates and almost no expertise in shadow removal etc. If you are in the US find a good photo studio around you that does exactly what CIC wants. I have spent more than $100 on all my PR-process photos and it was worth it.

Any digital photo, when opened in, say photoshop will show you the pixels x pixels and mm x mm dimensions while cropping.

  1. If the colleage’s letter is notarized (for current role) it probably carries more weight than the email your manager sent (for previous role), or would’ve sent for current role, however I would include the emails as part of LoE for either roles.
  2. No for the same role it shouldn’t matter. The duties and responsibilities are what matter.
  3. If you added all your roles in the EE profile creation then it means you need to show some proof atleast if you want to keep it the same way for final submission. Else you will have to ask CIC whether it’s OK to modify the roles. If you can just provide whatever you have after all that was discussed on this thread and provide those. If CIC is not satisfied with one of the roles out of 9 years they will just ignore it. As long as you provide the correct documentation for atleast 3 years of your experience it should work out.


thanks good to know…
that notarized colleague letter gives duties only for current role of 2 years…
these 2years combined with old company 2 years (total 3 years with that company but 1 year is outside 10 years) should make easily more than 3 years total…
. earlier i was thinking if we keep all 9 years experience but provide proof only for first 2 and last 2 then it would be a problem… but now i think as you suggested its better to keep all and provide whatever possible.


Just make sure your Letter of Explanation (if any) is very clear about all these things.


After all the hassle and hardwork what if you are asked to submit another picture, as the previous doesn’t meet the requirements? So, to avoid delay and spending money anyways, I’d recommend trying studios around your place. Better be safe than late :sweat_smile:


Go to the respective Consulate general of India website. i live in Florida so it is Atlanta in my case. PCC is normally listed in the Miscellaneous services. They will give you all the instructions.

in short you have to send a list of documents along with the passport and a return envelope. Normally it takes around a week for them to process and return your PCC along with your passport.