Has anyone used online transcript verification option (for ECA) provided by few universities in India; e.g. PTU Jalandhar and GNDU Amritsar?


So, the problem I am facing is below; taking example of GNDU Amritsar for ECA here

The process is laid out here: http://www.gndu.ac.in/certificate/transcriptHome.aspx

I submitted the payment and uploaded the docs as required but the DMCs (detailed marks card) are being rejected: DOCUMENTS NOT PROPERLY SCANNED & UPLOADED

The degree, 3 marks cards, and the WES form are scanned into a single pdf and uploaded (managing the weird length into 2 pages with 1-2 lines overlap)

The issue I guess is because the DMCs are not of A4 size but a weird one specific to GNDU ( 60% of the A4 width and 150% of the the A4 length)

Has anyone used this facility of online transcript verification from any Indian university? Please share your experience.



If you can’t find anyone with experience using this service or are not confident using them an alternative that has been suggested by others on the forum is http://mailtranscripts.com/


For PTU it is very easy… you can apply online on http://support.ptu.ac.in

They take 10-15 business days… and another week to deliver to a address in India using speed post… If you ask them to send directly to WES then they send it through registered post which takes another 15-20 days… Good thing is you can pay fees online…


Thanks @srhere

I created the application on Apr 3rd for PTU using online facility, submitted the docs (degree, marks sheet and WES form) and paid the fees. During the document upload, it asks to upload the WES form attested by the institute attended. Is that a mandatory step?
I’ve not heard back on the application and thought of checking here if the WES form attestation from the institute compulsory?


Thanks @

I’ll try to use the option: http://mailtranscripts.com/


no it is not mandatory… perhaps you selected option “WES” in document dropdown instead of “official transcript”… If you select “official transcript” option then you don’t need WES academics form).


You are correct; I used the WES option. But if we use the ‘official transcripts’, how’d PTU send the verified transcripts to WES?


I guess I can upload the WES form under: " Request Letter from Concerned Student/Applicant "

And this “official transcripts” option is only for the marks sheets and not degree; is that okay?


it will send to WES if you enter its address with ref no in the destination address… its simple :slight_smile:


if you have WES academics form filled and signed from your college then yeah you can go with WES option instead of official transcript option…

Not sure what do you mean by “mark sheets” and “not degree”…

both “WES” and “official transcript” options are for getting transcript … only difference is “WES” option will get you WES Academics form also inside envelope alongwith transcript


Thanks for the prompt responses. I appreciate your help here.

Since I do not have WES form signed from the college, I’ll use the ‘official transcripts’ option.

It asks for the following docs to be uploaded: (MBA degree)

  1. Request Letter from Concerned Student/Applicant
  2. ID proof of the Concerned Student/Applicant. (photocopy of Aadhar card/Voter Id/Licence)
  3. List of DMC’s
    1st Semester
    2nd Semester
    3rd Semester
    4th Semester

a. What do I upload against: Request Letter from Concerned Student/Applicant?
b. There is no provision to upload scanned degree. Is it not required for ECA?
c. How do I ensure that the verified transcripts are sent to WES or self in a sealed envelope?
d. If it can be sent directly to WES, how do I provide the WES reference number needed at the top of the envelope?

In case you do not recall any of this, may I request you to go the website, create a new query and see what info you provided?


a. Request letter is simply a letter of explanation what do you want and why do you want and ask there to signa and seal and put WES reference no and address and you have to sign and scan and upload…
b. They need just request letter, id proof and all semester mark sheets to be uploaded
c. They know it already how to sign and seal. they are doing thousands like this… just select destination as other country and put WES reference no and address in destination address box of the form.
d. If you want to send it yourself to WES then don’t open envelope stamped by PTU on the backside… simply write WES Reference no. on the front and put it in a bigger envelope and then write WES ref no. and address on bigger envelope and courier it… and you will put your personal documents (other docs asked by WES) in same bigger envelope…


Appreciate your response; thanks again!