Has anyone used online transcript verification option (for ECA) provided by few universities in India; e.g. PTU Jalandhar and GNDU Amritsar?

I m in the process of applying Official Transcripts from PTU website for my WES process.
What is a Request Letter from Concerned Student/Applicant.(format for the same)
I want transcripts for PR.

its just a custom letter… you can type it yourself and print and sign and scan back and attach it…

you can write anything like…

i am writing this letter to request transcript for reason that need for WES related to ____________ … i am attaching copy of degree or DMCs (or whatever it asks you to attach)…

please issue me the transcript sealed and signed on front and back… etc. etc.
please send it to my below address (or WES address)
give address here…


see no fixed format… its easy :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Will update once i get my transcripts.

hii dear,
have you got your wes done?
kindly give some advice how to apply for wes from ptu.

Post a query and follow the steps: pay the fees, upload the documents, and call them regularly for status… better, if you can send someone over to the university and get it done.


Hi Aman,

I am just wondering if you could help me out with the document upload part.

  1. I am confused what request letter we need to upload? do we need to write it ? any signatures?
  2. So WES from needs to be attested from college where you attended or PTU? Like I am in CANADA right now. Should i ask my college to scan it and send it ?

Please advice. I will be really thankful to you for this.

Sandeep Kaur

  1. Please see sample letter

  1. WES form need NOT be attested from college. Please ensure that you upload all the mark sheets along with the degree certificate


Thanks for your reply. I was wondering about WES form what do we need to do in that ?


Please fill in the WES form and submit it along with the application letter, and credentials.

wat we have to put in address column… i mean we have to write our address or wes?

If you want to send to WES yourself, then enter your address. But then don’t open envelope stamped by PTU. Simply write WES Reference no. on the front and put it in a bigger envelope and then write WES ref no. and address on bigger envelope and courier it… Or enter WES address if you want WES to receive the transcripts directly from PTU.

If I remember correctly, I entered the WES address and it was sent to WES by PTU directly, and there was a step back and forth confirming back the transcripts between WES and PTU.

hi Aman
I am facing the same problem as I also chose the same option and now confused about what to do.
1.Is it compulsory to attest the wes form from college?
2.or can we apply for transcript without wes form?
3.then how to send degree to wes?
Please reply asap…
thanks in advance

Hello guys,

I got status update from WES. Request you to pls help me how to proceed further. My transcripts got delivered to WES recently in JAN 2019.

I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, India

  1. Degree Certificate (Final or Provisional), Master of Technology, 2010
    Not Received

  2. Waiting for IKGPTU to verify mark sheets, Master of Technology, 2010
    Not Received

  3. Statement of Marks, Master of Technology, 2010

I am not sure about #6 but for #5, did you mail a copy of your degree certificate since the transcripts don’t include the degree certificate?

HI All,

I need to apply for transcripts fro Canada Immigration from PTU. I am getting my evaluation done from ICAS. Please let me know which option to choose:

  • Attestation of all DMCs and Degree Certificate with Form(s) from WES/IQAS/ICES/CES and Other Foreign agencies
  • Attestation of all DMCs with Form(s) from WES/IQAS/ICES/CES and Other Foreign agencies
  • Attestation of Degree Certificate with Form(s) from WES/IQAS/ICES/CES and Other Foreign agencies
  • Official Transcripit
  • Transcript with Attestation of all DMC,s & Degree with Form(s) from WES/IQAS/ICES/CES and Other Foreign agencies
  • Transcript with Attestation of Form(s) from WES/IQAS/ICES/CES and Other Foreign agencies

Also, how much payment I need to make? Can I do via NEFT? Also whats the account info to make payment.

Any help will be appreciated!!

Hey Aman, i am also stuck on online verification step by WES. my transcripts have been posted on the website by PTU but WES is still saying that they are waiting for the university. Were you able to verify your marksheets through them?

I have submitted all as per your guidelines. Thanks to u. Now query status is showing that

Can I get courier no, so that I can track for my Wes documents. As I too have given address of wes.

Same thing for me. They closed my query saying documents will be dispatched in 15 days. Its been more than a month. No tracking info. How will i get the status of my documents. I tried contacting nobody responds over phone or mail

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between choosing first two options for wes evaluation
Do we need transcripts or DMC is enough?


I was entered in BTech through LEET (lateral entry) program and I do not have mark sheets for 1st and 2nd semester. Because I was directly entered into 3rd semester. http://support.ptu.ac.in has option to upload 8 marksheets and I can not complete my ticket without uploading 1st and 2nd semester marksheet. Has anyone encountered this issue? how can I move forward without 1st and 2nd semester marksheet?