Help with PR and information on packages

I am thinking of applying for PR. I saw there is an option to get help with the application process.

  1. Do I really need to go with that option or should I go through the process on my own?
  2. I saw there are four packages. Which package would be the best option?
  3. What exactly is provisional nomination application? Do I need to opt for that option if I should/want to go for one of the packages?

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest doing the process on your own unless you have some complications which might need legal consult. A lot of people here have applied by themselves.

Go through the following thread if you are new to the forum. It covers a lot of important stuff.

Thanks for the response. I took a quick look at the title of the topics. It seems like a good post. I would definitely go through it and I hope it would answer most (if not all) of my questions.