How does the Canadian PR process work for under grad students?

Hi, I wanted to know about the Canadian PR process for undergrad students.

  1. Do undergrad students get a work permit first?
  2. If yes, how many years is the work permit for?
  3. After how many years of work permit can one get PR ?
  4. If a student goes to the USA while at a work permit to do a PG, does the work permit still remain valid?

From my little knowledge I’d suggest you to first use the CRS calculator(google it) and put all the info in and see what score you get. Post it here and you could get more suggestions like if at all you could get the PR or not.

I don’t know for sure but I think you will need to apply for a work permit explicitly. You don’t get it by default with the student permit. Same goes for PR; you will have to apply for it. You can get more information about working in Canada while you are an international student here:

Thank you for sharing the link. The questions which still remain unanswered are
a) What happens if within the work permit period, one gets an opportunity to do an MS or an MBA in USA. I am assuming that the work permit will not remain valid. How it will affect the PR application or express entry application after completing PG?

b) What happens if one gets a PR, can one then pursue a post graduate degree in USA or elsewhere and the PR will still hold good ?Or one has to spend a minimum number of months, years in Canada till the citizenship is approved.

Don’t know if you’ve read the threads yet, but encourage you to hover over those

a) If you’re in the process of applying for the PR, you can apply from the moon also

b) you have to stay a minimum of 2
years in a 5 year period to maintain your status.

  1. You need to apply separately as others have pointed out.
  3. You can get a PR even when you’ve never been to Canada.
  4. Not sure. I read that it depends on the expiry data of your work permit which in-turn depends on how long your employer is willing to sponsor it. I presume if the employer is sponsoring your education they might keep it valid.

a. Look at 4.
b. Your PR clock starts the day you get CoPR stamped. After that you have to be physically present in Canada for 2 cumulative years for every 5 year period.

Also, a lot of these questions and more are already answered on previous posts on this forum.

Thanks you Anshul, I have a lot more clarity now thanks to the A2A