How should I answer these questions: Funds, Completed Academic Years, Province Intent and Representative?

I am in PreITA phase and applying from USA. While filling Express Entry forms, I came across some questions. Some questions are very basic, but I want to make sure that I don’t answer incorrectly, that create more issues in future.

  1. I know, the requirement for two people is $15,531. What exact amount I should put in the box if my proof will show more? Can I put rough amount like $25,000?

  1. How I need to bring the money in real (like in Cash or something) when I first arrive to Canada, or it is just a proof that I have to show at this moment to present my ability to support my family?

  2. I took a gap of one semester while in Masters, but course itself is 2 years, so my total study time is 2.4 years. My transcript or WES report don’t mention about number of full academic years. What to put in below one.


  1. I intend to live in Ontario Province and that is what I selected while using “Come to Canada” tool. However, while filling the Express Entry form, it’s again asking the same question. What should I choose? Does it have any impact on score if I choose “All Provinces and Territories”.

  1. There are two option in below one, Representative and Designated Individual. I want my spouse to get all email alerts, should I put her as Representative and Designated Individual?.

  1. I am only adding my master’s degree part of Education history, since I am claiming points for it and I have ECA done for it. However, I believe I should I add my bachelor degree’s completion date in below highlighted box since that is date when minimum education completed for NOC (as Software Developer). Am I correct?

  1. I read about registering on Job Bank. While submitting Express Entry profile (PreITA phase), do I need to get registered with Job Bank to get ITA?

  2. While adding IELTS result I ran in to below question. I see a DATE where administrator has signed in test report form, is it the same date that I should put in below box?


  1. Is it ok if I select NO in below section?

Please advise.

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  1. Write around the amount required for two people. You may carry more than that.

  2. Just proof that you have it

  3. Masters is a two year course usually so write that.

  4. For EE (FSW) it doesn’t make big difference. I had selected Ontario if I remember correctly.

  5. No, unless she’s your immigration lawyer.

  6. Yes that should be ok, if I remember correctly I did it the same way.

  7. Yes registering with Job Bank is mandatory.

  8. Day you took the test.

  9. I don’t remember how I answered this question but if may have selected YES given the benevolent person I am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All answers provided by @avj look good except for #8. It should be the date of the test results (usually 14 days after your test date). This date would also be mentioned on your TRF.

Sorry I misread the screenshot. It should be the date of result as mentioned explicitly in the screenshot.

Thanks @mrandmrs and @avj

Also, I guess registering with Job Bank is not mandatory anymore. Take a look at below thread. Am I correct? What are your thoughts?.

Well if you don’t get an email saying registration is mandatory then it is voluntary. Then it’s upto you to decide.

my result was declared few days late than usual 14 days… so i enter the date mentioned on my TRF right? which is roughly 18 days after my exam date

@srhere - That’s correct.