How to get work permit in Canada?


Hello from Sri Lanka.!!:blush:
I am 24 years old married woman and I have already completed my 12 months diploma in HRM. Also I am dual qualified in the same year in HRM from Edinburg Napier University UK. I have 3 years of work experience as a teacher.My husband is a professional chef worked in many countries before. I really want to know the step by step how we can apply for work permit in Canada. And am I eligibal for work visa? Can my husband apply for work visa? And take me with him? He has 9 years of experience as a Chef and holds a Diploma in culnary arts? Can I apply online ? Please my dear friends i need your honest ideas . Thank you


Hi. Check this website and all related links to it


Please check the following links:

Also check which NOC code applies to your husband

Canadian express entry is dependent on age, education, work experience, and the demand for your profession in Canada. If you clear a certain threshold you can apply for PR. In that respect either one can be the primary applicant.