How to move your car from the USA to Canada?


Is it worth it ? and is the process too much administratively or something very trivial.
Also has anyone just crossed the border by driving it :slight_smile: i know this sounds crazy but for peeps who moved north from NYC/Seattle areas this is the most convenient way of getting to GTA/Vancouver areas.


I sold an older car and got the newer one across. Also since it was a 4WD I thought we could use it to explore the Canadian wilderness a bit.

I used these guys they were super professional they knew the process well and emailed me list of documents needed. And picked up my car from my place in California.


Subhash, to add on to Vikram’s point, if its a newer car and a car was declared an asset you will bring in when you landed (in personal effects accounting document), it would be a good idea to ship it or drive it over to Canada. I sold both my cars as they were 2012 & older and wanted to get one on loan here. However, had some issues getting approval for the loan as I did not have Canadian credit history (& US credit history was not accepted) - you may be required to put more down on the car. Also, had rental for that period, which could have gone towards shipping instead.


We lived downtown the first month so didn’t need a car and could wait till ours arrived. I would recommend new arrivals live downtown use a short term rentals much easier to explore the city (fun in summer). @t.anand did you try RBC apparently there are special provisions for new arrivals to get credit during the first year.


Thanks Vik and t.anand … i guess ill fill out those forms for my car, not worth selling a 2 yo vehicle and buying it again there.