I have a CRS score of 390 what are some ideas to improve it


Okay, I got 7.5 in IELTS and CRS tool shows 385 for us now.

ONIP says you need 400 (http://www.ontarioimmigration.ca/en/pnp/OI_PNP_EE_CAPITAL_WHO.html), then I also read it’s possible for people with as low as 351 as you quoted above.

I reached out to an attorney and he says EE is not an option due to low score, and do the traditional PR, which they don’t help with.

Does this mean just apply for ONIP and hope for the best? Do the actual EE profile? Does it show the CRS Score at the end? Anything else I am missing here?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

On optimizing CRS score

Have you tried the official CRS points calculator on the CIC website. I say it a lot on this forum but the most important thing you can do to help yourself is study hard and be prepared for the IELTS. It is the single most important thing you can do to ensure you get an ITA. When you say 7.5 I’m assuming it’s across the board so you have a CLB of 8. If you retook the IELTS and scored a CLB 9 then the points you get for your education and foreign work experience both will double. This will potentially push you much closer to 450.


ONIP is a two step process.

Step 1

  • You must create a profile in IRCC’s Express Entry system. Once you do, you
    will receive an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation
    Code (also known as a Candidate Identifier Code). You will need these
    numbers to submit your application to the OINP.

  • When you create a profile in Express Entry, you must either indicate your
    interest in immigrating to Ontario or “All Provinces and Territories.”

  • You must qualify for one of two federal economic immigration progs: the
    Federal Skilled Worker Prog (FSWP) or the Canadian Experience Class

Step 2

OINP searches the Express Entry pool and identifies potential candidates who
may meet the criteria of the Human Capital Priorities Stream. One of these criteria is a minimum CRS scroe of 400 which you don’t currently have.

They are free to make targetted searches outside of this criteria and issue letters of interest like they did recently for people with low scores who have job offers in Ontario or high french language skills.


Thanks for the detailed response. After simulating CLB 9 / highest score for both of us in official CRS tool, got 393. We do not have French skills nor job offer for PNP. Looks like there is no way to improve the score other than applying for jobs in the hope of an offer. :frowning_face:


Something seems wrong. You originally mentioned that when you check first you got a CRS score of 390 and now when you checked again with CLB 9 you only got a 3 point increase?

If you look at the CRS scores document it says for 3 years of foreign work experience you will get 25 points with CLB 7+ and 50 with CLB 9. I’m assuming you are married and have 3 years of foreign work experience so it’s a 25 point increase.

Also for an MS degree, you would normally get 25 points but with CLB 9 you will get 50 so right there you have a total of 50 more points bringing your score to 440?

Finally, there are many PNP progs one for each province each is very different some are focused on specific skills others more open.


@anon25417004 Not sure what’s wrong - I did enter everything right including “3 years or more” experience for both wife and I. So from our current score of 385 we could only go up to 393 with the highest of IELTS scores. We only have Bachelors (4 years). Ages may be an issue (39 and 40).

I may be wrong, but not sure what I am missing.


Yes issue is age and even bachelor’s… For masters or two degrees you get 40-50 points more


Wondering if this means, it’s a dead end in theory. I mean practically I can create a EE profile and even Ontario PNP but keep waiting with no hope in sight?

In other words, try to get a job offer by applying while create EE profile and wait?

PS: One attorney is unwilling to admit it’s a dead end, and says there are ways to do it but need to start paying attorney fees. Another one flat out said I can’t help you.


You do loose a lot of points for age. If they ever (they won’t) ask my opinion I would award extra points to the age group of 35 - 50 this is the real age group of most successful entrepreneurs. It’s people with years of industry experience, connections and savings to attempt creating a business. With all the safety nets and freedom Canada provides we should be encouraging people of this age group into the country under the rules of express entry.

Sorry for the rant but honestly it’s not just questions here but I get “a lot” of emails from very high achievers, people who are now looking at Canada after years in the states and find themselves unable to proceed due to negative points for age.

As for if this is a dead end, with a score below 400 and with everything we know that you mentioned it seems like there is a very low probability of ITA. Between the ages of 30 - 40 you loose 55 points. I don’t think PNP can help either, even if there is some prog in a rural province you probably don’t want to go live there.

The following options do exist (not saying you should) just that they exist. Further studies in Canada and then PNP, Job in Canada then PNP, Provincial Entrepreneur progs (Investment Requirements) or the startup visa.