Improve CRS Score


Hello All,
I have a CRS score of 437 and looking for an idea to improve it. We got invitation in last October but FBI delayed the response so had to reject the invitation and now doesn’t look like score going down.

If I get admission for masters in Canada will that help to increase CRS score or do I have to wait for the degree completion.


On optimizing CRS score

That’s unusual if the FBI delays you can mail CIC and ask for more time which they almost always grant. 437 is not a bad score people have gotten ITA with scores around there. This is usually due to a sudden drop in the score which happens and PNP searches which send out special invites occasionally.

While I don’t know all your points getting a higher score in the IELTS is a great way to increase your score as you get more language points and more points for the same work experience.

Have you looked into provincial nominations?


I’m at 438, going through the OINP process.
Keep an eye on Provincial Nomination opportunities. Select BC and ON as preferred provinces. That helps get invited for Nomination.


can we select multiple provinces when creating Express entry profile?
do we need to select ALL Provinces to get OINP


I selected Ontario and BC. All provinces will actually hurt the PNP chances as you don’t have a preference.