India PCC Experience: Chicago Consulate

My passport was issued from Chicago (live in same jurisdiction i.e. Michigan) and my wife’s passport was issued in India. Should I go to the Chicago consulate or post passport? Do they return original passport in few days if I post the application?

Please share experience.

I am in MI too. The Chicago consulate’s website didn’t clearly layout the procedure to do the process over mail ( too many nonsense questions on forms and no clear details about photos etc…and lot of contradictory chatter online about whether original passport should be sent in the mail). I took a day off on a friday and went there in person. My passport was issued in India (HYD). I filled out the forms, took my original passport and the amount of fee in the form of a money order (done at my local kroger) to the consulate by 9.30 am. If I’m not wrong, they have an open counter till around 11 or 12 in the morning. They took my passport around 10am and returned it along with the PCC at around 3PM, the same day. Be prepared to pay for parking right in the heart of Chicago’s downtown. other than that, everything was rather straightforward. My only regret is that I forgot to ask them how to do this process by mail. Hope this helps to some extent.

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Thank you so much. Consulate’s web page says they take cash as well.

Hi siddEE,

Did you fill out/submit the Personal Particular Form for the Chicago consulate? If yes, can you help answer the below questions please?

  1. The “from_to_” - what to fill here?
  2. For # 3, my wife changed her last name, same as mine after marriage - do I need to indicate her before marriage name?
  3. My wife only stayed for 2 months at in-laws place after marriage, then she came to US. So do I need to enter her previous address as well where she was born and bought up?

All addresses are supposed to be Indian addresses. You can fill out the form at the consulate. If your wife is not going with you, you can just get her signature on the form. Remember to be there before 12. Better to go early at 9:30. You will get the pcc by 3 or so. Take all the originals with you. Take cash as well.

Thanks but I think we need to enter the current US address as well under section 9 (a).

Have you filled out the Personal Particular Form? If yes, can you share it with me if you do not mind? Thanks!

No, I didn’t submit the PPF. All of the information requested on that form looked so ridiculous, so I just printed a form and took it along to the embassy along with some photos (done at costco for 5$ :stuck_out_tongue:) in case they wanted me to do it when I was there. But they only took the application form and didn’t even mention the PPF.

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Thanks @siddEE.

I just came back from the Chicago consulate. Unfortunately, they did ask for the PPF but I had filled it with whatever info I can find on my and my wife’s passport. My PCC will be delivered today and my wife’s will be sent to the local police station that I mentioned in the PPF. My father has some contacts in that police station, so he will visit them next week to speed up the process and return back the application before the 60 day deadline. If not, then I will use the receipt and medicals as a placeholder to extend the submission deadline. This is the post that suggests that if the Indian PCC does not come before the 60 day deadline: Submit application with a PCC receipt?

Hi siddEE,
I have a question if you could please answer.
I am applying for PCC through chicago consulate as well. I am my wife’s names are not on each others passports. Did you and your wife have that? And if not did it create any issues in getting PCC