Indian PCC without spouse name on passport

This is my first question on this forum.
Our application has recently received ITA with my wife being the primary applicant.
We were filling the misc. application form for indian PCC.
It asks for marital status and none of our passports have spouse names on it.
Will this be an issue in obtaining PCC. I cannot apply for new passport as my H1B is under processing as well.

Thanks for any help

It shouldn’t cause any problem.

Thanks mrandmrs for the reply.
Did you face a similar situation? I read on some forums where people applied in india and were asked to first renew passports. Just couldn’t find any that were specific to indian consulates in the US

We weren’t in this situation but PCC is for an individual so it does not really matter whether the spouse’s name is on the passport.

Got it! I will apply for it and hopefully it all works out. Thanks for the responses.


I obtained my PCC from Indian Consulate in Toronto.
After I got married, I didn’t update my passport. Neither did my husband.
We got the PCC no problem.


I was in a similar situation.
Consulate/Embassy doesn’t care about that

Thank you all for your replies. I applied for PCC at the chicago consulate. Will update the status on this thread when I hear back. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for your help people. Just received the PCC from the consulate within one week and without any issues.

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This post helped but I have 1 more question. Application form is little confusing. If I select marital status as married and enter my husband name then does it mean it should be there on passport or I have to provide some supporting docs?

We selected marital status as married and included a copy of our marriage certificate.
No questions were asked and we received our PCC smoothly.

What is BLS?
The PCC does not have any marital details on it.
I am not sure if it is “OK” to say you are single when you are married. Our case was a little different as we anyways had to get a new passport for my wife and went through the process of renewing it even before the ITA.
I dont think PR approval will be a problem as IRCC does not care if you have spouse’s name on passport or not.

Hi Shivakumari81,
I am in a similar situation. I also got my ITA on 19th August and I tried to apply for PCC through BLS Toronto. They did accept my application saying spouse name is missing.

I have applied for passport update now. It will take 6-8 weeks minimum to get the new passport.

Let me know, if you are able to get through PR process without any hassle.

I got my PCC this week and it says Ms—- and D/O—- but i am married
Is it okay bcoz in my other friend’s pcc it says W/F
Does it make any difference or create a problem

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Hi amandeep
When you applied for PCC did you choose your marital status as single or married?

I selected married and added my husband’s details

Nope, this wasn’t a problem in our case at all!

Did they ask anything like why your husband’s name is bot there in PCC.

Nope, we applied at the Indian Consulate in New York and I got mine the next day.

Okay thank you for your help
Your condition was same? Is that recently or some months back?