Indian PCC without spouse name on passport

This was in 2018. Yes, at that time both my husband and I did not have each other’s names in our passports.

Hi Shiv,
Can you tell me the procedure for the passport submission because i am also facing the same issue that i have not updated my spouse name in my passport. which address did you mentioned.
Can you please help me out with this.

Okay I got married in Canada so I did not live in India after my marriage thats why may be they did not change anything

Hi Jay1,

Can you clarify if you want to submit your passport for information update(to add spouse name) or you are asking about the document submission process for PCC?

We got married in India (and then had a ceremony in NYC as well). You can only change your information in your passport manually. Before COVID hit I tried to get a new passport because I had only 4 pages left. The application process specifically asked if my new passport required my husband’s name to be added.

Hello Karthik,
I want the information about the spouse name to be added in passport.
i had one more question that till our new passport arrive ,will our PCC application expired or it wont be effected by this

Hi Jay1,

For spouse name addition, you need to provide your passport copy, your spouse passport copy (front and back page) ,your work permit copy, your current address proof and your marriage certificate copy.
I’ve submitted my application at BLS Toronto (Went in person to office). It will take 6-8 weeks to get new passport.

You cannot use the current application which you have submitted through Embassy website.
Once you receive your new passport, you will have to submit a new application with new passport detail. Again it will take 6-8 weeks.

All this information is specific to Toronto region. If you are in US, then this information is not useful, I guess.

In that case may be you had to provide your marriage certificate to bls.

Yes I did i gave all the documents but still they wrote D/O instead of W/O.
Is that wrong

Thank You Karthik,
I stay in Toronto so its very useful for me.
So again we have to make an demand draft of $44 when we resubmit the PCC application.
I thinking to give the passport in tatkal ,so it might be faster.
Sorry one more question my work permit is getting expired on 18th Oct will that be an issue for submitting the passport application .
i will be applying bridging visa soon

No I don’t think so it’s wrong because the thing which matters is your criminal record which needs to be clean they are not concerned with d/o or w/o. Because they know that the PCC gonna reflect what you have on your passport, and the passport is issued before marriage and doesn’t have husband name it is ok. If you are from Punjab did they do police verification at your address or just issued PCC without verification, means Did they send any one to your address to confirm it?

Yes they visited our addresses to confirm

Hi Jay1,
You can use the same demand draft of 44$. Check with BLS once. They can not use that money without processing your application for PCC. Call BLS customer care number and get it confirm.

About tatkal, you cannot avail that service, as tatkal is not applicable for passport information update. Tatkal is available only for emergency passport request. I also tried for tatkal service but was not successful. But you can try your luck.

If your work permit is expiring and you have to travel back then do not apply for PR in Canada. Apply for PR from India itself.
In case, it is getting extended, then there is no issue. You can get your passport updated and apply for PCC here in Toronto itself.

It should be fine but if you want you can call cic to confirm it, or you can consult with some immigration consultant.

Hi shivakumari
I m also in same situation, how did you apply as single or married. Because I also don’t have spouse name on passport.

Your pcc certificate came as ms xyz daughter of or wife of.

Hi Aman
I am also having same situation, is it ok to have father name instead of husband? I am also confuse

I have asked a lawyer he said your information should exactly match with passport. If you dont have your spouse name on passport then it is not a problem at all. The main thing is clear criminal record.


I think you can apply with the same details as per your passport.

You need the clearance certificate

Thank you for your help