Inexpensive places to live near Vancouver

Hi guys,
I am moving to Canada and my company will allow me work remote from anywhere in Canada.
While looking into the places, I like BC - Vancouver area.
Right now I am planning to live in an inexpensive place which is not too far (20-50 km) from Vancouver city center.
What places would you suggest.
I am single with no kids.

Vancouver can be affordable if you’re willing to live in a shared space, i.e. with roommates. Burnaby and Surrey are fairly affordable rent wise. But if you’re going to be remote then you could potentially live farther out and get more bang for your $$.

I’m considering moving West as well. How’s Vancouver Island? Victoria looks cool, but I also wouldn’t mind smaller towns.

I think the Greater Victoria Area is pretty nice, the months between December and February weren’t great with almost daily rain and no sunshine but March has been much better and I’ve been told that it only gets weather.

Though I say that the local tech scene is rather limited, so you’d really have to work remote. As you go further away from Victoria, the real-estate becomes much cheaper.

Definitely do visit to check the place out as you make up your mind.

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Which area in Vancouver would you recommend for a family of 3. 2 adults and 1 toddler?

I think it’d depend on your budget and your families needs.

I have a friend whose family composition is the same as yours and he lives in Burnaby and commutes to Downtown for work. He bought a house there a few years back.

Thanks for the reply, we are thinking around 3K CAD.

Panditji - Can you pls share your email id or email me at We have a few questions and would love to pick your brain. Thanks

I moved to Vancouver recently. I was looking to living closer to downtown because my office is in downtown. I looked at apartments in burnaby, richmond, vancouver area. You have a good chance of getting a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown for that much money. Check craigslist and zumper. i found my apartment on craigslist. right now it feels like its renters market and prices are coming down. let me know if you have any questions.