List of documents on soft landing


I am doing soft landing this week , and wanted to confirm what all documents need to be carried for soft landing . I have the following prepared , is anything else needed ?

  1. Passport
  2. CoPR
  3. Goods to accompany list and goods to follow list (GTA & GTF)
  4. Proof of funds ( 6 month average balance from last month statement in April , and last bank statement plus job offer letter )

Is anything else needed to make a smooth soft landing ?


Were those documents sufficient?

yes, they didn’t ask for PoF.
all that was needed was Passport, CoPR and GTF.


My GTF was not signed by the CBSA agent, will there be any problems upon my re entry with the goods? She said you need to put more details and go to some inland office, take an appointment (before going), however when I called them they said they do not do that. I am in a bind now.

Hi guys!

I received my ITA and applied and got my COPR letter along with my 1x express entry stamp.

I wanted to know how are people reaching the conclusion on what documents to take with you? I am not sure what documents to take – like should I carry a copy of everything I had submitted in order for me to get my COPR?

Should I take my proof of funds with me in a cashier’s check? Some folks are not taking either.

What’s the legal/legitimate source that informs you on what to carry with you?

Good to have copy of all documents you submitted.
What I read online is mostly the officers ask for Passport and Copr, just carry latest online Bank statement as a proof of fund in case they asked.

Hi All, I have a similar question. I reviewed the document that accompanied my CoPR and couldn’t seem to pinpoint the exact documents I would need to carry with me during landing. Other discussions have mentioned a “goods to follow” list extensively, but I wonder where it’s mentioned officially?

This is what the official website asks you to carry:

You must have:

  • your valid passport and/or travel documents
    • your passport must be a regular, private citizen passport
    • you can’t immigrate to Canada with a diplomatic, government service or public affairs passport
  • your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and your permanent resident visa (if we gave you one)
  • proof that you have the funds to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada
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This is where it is mentioned officially:

To enter Canada, you’ll need:

  • a Canadian immigrant visa (if this applies)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence for each family member traveling with you
  • a valid passport or other travel document for each family member traveling with you
  • two copies each of:
    • a detailed list of all the personal or household items you’re bringing with you
    • a list of items that are arriving later and their money value

Check the Settler’s effects list section on the link above for additional details.

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Does it matter what value to put against the accompanying goods and goods to follow? Any suggestions e.g. total below a certain number etc?

Don’t think there is a guidance as such, but try to be as close to the current replacement value of the item taking into account depreciation (something that you would pay for the item if you were buying it used). Just in case the items gets damaged/lost during shipping, you will have a valid proof for insurance.
That said, don’t spend too much time over it.

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There’s no limit as such and value should be the best estimate in case you had to buy it again.

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Most likely you said you were not planning to move there immediately and therefore she did not sign it then and there? You can also do it later, is what I have read.

Thanks everyone. I landed yesterday and they needed only COPR, Accompanying Goods and Goods to Follow, and obviously passport. Will post in detail about landing experience later in case it is helpful for others.

Did they ask you about whether you’re moving now or later?

No, they didn’t.

Great, welcome to Canada

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Thank you!

Hey, congrats on landing in CA. If possible, could you please recount your experience in a little details. I plan on landing in a couple of weeks, and that info will help a lot.

  1. Were you asked explicitly if you were moving right away? What’s a good answer there.
    I plan on landing now but will perhaps move later in the year.
  2. How detailed does your GTA/GTF have to be?
  3. For funds, is it ok to have past 6 month’s bank balance statements printouts?
  4. I will move from US. Looking to land in Toronto. What other formalities are recommended to be completed? I guess a new SIN and CA bank account. Anything else?