Mail Forwarding for PR Card

Has anyone considered setting up a P.O.Box with Canada Post and have them forward to a USA address?
Just wondering if this is a feasible solution if we do not have friends’ address that we can use for receiving the PR

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Great question! I wonder the same thing.

I would recommend against using a PO BOX. People have suggested using UPS Mailboxes as their addresses are not a PO BOX and are standard addresses. Also if you look up UPS business services I think they can forward the card. If I remember correctly the CIC website says it can be the address of a representative. Some immigration law firms also offer this service for a fee.

, have you ever thought about providing such a service for a reasonable fee? A regular rate for the public and a discounted rate for folks on this forum? :smile:


Apparently it’s not advisable (note that the above post is old but makes sense, they ask you to justify why it’s not a residential address). I haven’t done it and don’t know anyone who has done it either so not sure how it will affect your PR card mailing process.

Better to find a new friend/long lost relative somewhere in Canada and ask a favor :thinking:

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Hi all,
I wanted to find out if there are any other ways on securing the PR cards without us physically being there?Both me and my husband has no family or friends in Canada and we have to get back to the states.

I do see that currently the time required to receive the PR cards is slightly increased than it was in the past. It would be impossible to get so many days off work.

Are there any other options apart from PO box (as per the notes i see is not advisable?). One of the ways we were thinking was to get the apartment for 3 months so that we can get the mailing address. However we get back and get back to canada via travel document to secure it
I am not sure how feasible this is, however i would like to learn if anyone has tried any other ways?

Appreciate it!


A lot of time landlords will want proof of income/job/savings before they rent you the apartment. Depending on the individual landlord/apartment this may vary.

Your best bet is to make a new friend in Canada if you want PR card delivered/mailed to you.

Else there’s always the option of applying for PRTD and keep applying till you physically move there.

Thanks Anshul!Perhaps a Air BnB for sometime which is a expensive affair though!
I suppose we have to find our lost cousins or friends then:)

Appreciate it!

Perhaps a Air BnB for sometime which is a expensive affair though!

For PR card? That will be very expensive (the home owner will become your greatest friend then so he may mail it to you :laughing:)

I suppose we have to find our lost cousins or friends then:)


Haha:) True that!

Can one give an employers/work address in Canada where the PR card can be mailed? Or are we not allowed to give work address for this purpose? Thanks.

Only residential address is allowed

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