Mail Forwarding for PR Card


Has anyone considered setting up a P.O.Box with Canada Post and have them forward to a USA address?
Just wondering if this is a feasible solution if we do not have friends’ address that we can use for receiving the PR

UPS mail box for PR card

Great question! I wonder the same thing.


I would recommend against using a PO BOX. People have suggested using UPS Mailboxes as their addresses are not a PO BOX and are standard addresses. Also if you look up UPS business services I think they can forward the card. If I remember correctly the CIC website says it can be the address of a representative. Some immigration law firms also offer this service for a fee.


, have you ever thought about providing such a service for a reasonable fee? A regular rate for the public and a discounted rate for folks on this forum? :smile:


Apparently it’s not advisable (note that the above post is old but makes sense, they ask you to justify why it’s not a residential address). I haven’t done it and don’t know anyone who has done it either so not sure how it will affect your PR card mailing process.

Better to find a new friend/long lost relative somewhere in Canada and ask a favor :thinking: