Marital status change after CoPR

Hello, I have received COPR and I need to land before July next year. but I am getting married end of this year. so my status would change from single to married. any advice on what are my options?


Contact CIC asap and tell them about this change. The spouse should also do her medical test and PCCs if she needs to be added to the CoPR. Might as well start with that. After marriage you’ll need to submit proof of marriage and all other required documents to CIC and get the updated CoPR and PR visas for you two. Since it’s July next year you have enough time to do this I think.

The easier way is for you alone to land now and sponsor her PR application later.

But as far as I remember to sponsor her I need to be physically present in Canada. which I am not currently and not planning to move in near future.

I am in process of getting her PCC done. also can I get her medical test done before she gets added on my application? (A new application process for the spousal sponsorship program came into effect on December 15, 2016. Spouses, partners or dependent children can no longer do an upfront medical exam. Wait for our instructions before going for your medical exam. <-- got this from

also which would be the best way to contact CIC? their phone numbers listed on the website doesn’t work from USA.

Yes you have to be physically present there.

That upfront medical thing is only for sponsored applicants. If shes gonna be on your CoPR before landing she’s not sponsored, shes a secondary applicant. I think she can get medicals done sooner. Also check how long PCCs are valid for the country.

Thanks. I think PCC is valid for a year. but I will double check.

any idea what would be the best way to contact CIC?

Web Form.

Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I have a different set of conerns wrt my application now. I got married after I received my COPR and informed CIC through mail and even raised web form but haven’t heard anything from them until today. According to my COPR I had to land before 7th Oct 2019. And I landed today with my same old COPR. And at the Canada immigration office in Toronto airport, I informed the officer about change in my status. Now my passport has been cease and they have given me a date on which I will have to visit them again to check with new decision which has been made on my application.
I had no clue that I couldn’t travel with my old COPR and moreover my spouse had no plans to accompany me anytime soon. So I have decided to go about with my old COPR and now have no clue what’s next.
Anyone has any information related to such situation please do share.

The COPR instructions clearly mention that you need to notify them of any changes in family composition (birth/death/marriage/divorce) - in which case your existing travel documents will become invalid. You will need to send additional documentation after contacting CIC and receive an updated COPR and Visa.

See this thread for how people are handling the marriage situation - Travelling to India and getting married after AOR

Please track this closely with the agency. You might want to look at options such as getting professional help from an attorney if you feel lost. This has happened to people in the past and they have been able to get out of it (after getting their new spouse processed), but in the worst case they may cancel your PR ask you to fly back home. Google for other examples.

Hopefully things work out in your favor. good luck!