Medical tests for ITA

Is it necessary to complete medical examination before submitting ITA?

Also any idea how much it costs in US?

No it isn’t!

You can even submit it after you have submitted all your final documents, however your application will not move forward unless your medical tests are in. I would recommend taking the medical after you get ITA and before you submit your final documents. Note that when you get your PR visa your visa expiry date will be either your passport expiry date, or the date one year from the day you took medical exam, whichever comes first.

It cost me around USD 400.

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Great, Thanks.
I dint know that PR visa was valid only until expiration of the medical certificate. I thought it is valid 1 year after its issued.

Also do you know what happens to the existing visitors visa when PR is approved? is it revoked?

No the one year validity is one year from the day of your medical exam.

Once you get your PR visa you are still officially not a PR. You have to “land” in Canada which I’m sure you already know. When you land you are officially a PR so your visitors visa (Canadian I assume) will no longer be valid as your status has changed (that’s my guess, make sure confirm this). I don’t know if they stamp “Cancelled” on your existing visitors visa when you send the passport.

EDIT: My answer is based on my US experience where you cannot hold two different visas (two statuses) at once. I don’t know if it’s similar or different for Canada but I would bet it’s similar. Once you are PR you technically cannot be a visitor or any other Canadian visa type.

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Hello @avj,

Is there specific test that we need to request to meet CIC requirements?

What should we request doctor for? Also $400, is that only for you or for complete family?

They check for standard infectious diseases and that you’re not physically disabled and won’t be a burden on their healthcare system. For a single person it was around $400, I don’t know about family.

Thank you Anshul, do we need to ask doctor about specific test to be done or doctor would know about it when we say that it’s for Canada immigration?

These doctors are designated by CIC. You can only get the tests done by them, no other doctors. They know exactly what to do just tellthem this is for Canada Immigration.

Once taken, how long does it take for the medical test results to be updated in the profile ?

You get a medical test receipt right after the test and you only need to upload this receipt on your CIC application; no need to upload your medical results that you get after few weeks. CIC has direct access to your medical records once they know the receipt number.


@avj y ITA deadline is April 11.
I have scheduled my medical exam for March 12 assuming i had to upload results of the test.
From what ive read from your reply, thats not the case.
Considering i want to do it as late as possible, say if i get an appointment on April 8th, i should be able to just upload the receipt.
This will give me 2 additional weeks to activate my PR.
What do you think?


You can do it on either date. Two weeks of extra time is not a lot. Assuming you submit your documents correctly (including medical receipt) before April 11th, and it takes 4-5 months for processing without additional issues, you still have 8 months after you get your PR visa to do the landing. As long as you can go to Canada for a few days in those 8 months and come back it shouldn’t be a problem.

The reason some people might want to land later rather than sooner is sometimes they have visa issues in the US which cannot be resolved and they might have a problem coming back (e.g., if they are on H1B status but not stamped or if they are on F1 OPT with expired visa) or they want to plan everything and do the final move on the day of landing so they need more time between PR visa and landing.

Anyone have experience with medical tests in the bay area? As with everything else, is there a mad rush? are the fees a ripoff?

@anon25417004 @anurag.rb10 - do you guys know?

This guy looks like the only option:
City: Berkeley
Name: Timothy Fitzer
Address: Berkley Family Medical Centre,
2636 Telegraph Avenue,
Telephone: 510-841-1647
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Same guy. I shared my experience on another thread:

“Also remember reviews are overwhelmingly written by people who had a negative experience. I went to the doctor in the SF bay area who had terrible reviews as well. I found his office perfectly adequate, the doctor and the nurse who attended to me were hilarious, I got my receipt immediately, and I’ve passed my medical. You don’t really need much else “

Cost 465, it’s cheaper than my friend was quoted in Michigan.

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I went there too same guy. He’s pretty good and friendly. I remember we went on a weekday morning for some reason I think we were not getting an appointment the schedule was booked tight back end.

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You can do your medical tests with any doctor that is listed with CIC. You may have to travel farther if the one listed in your area isn’t good or doesn’t have appointments.

In terms of fees, it may vary based on location. In Provo, Utah - the closest one to me - the fees were close to $400. There’s really no way around it.

As far as the reputation of the doctor goes, as long his staff draws your blood correctly there’s no real risk.

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Thanks a lot guys for sharing your experiences. Really helpful.


Can I get my Medical Tests done even before I get an ITA ?

You can. However, the duration for entry into Canada is taken from the date you do the medical. So doing it too early could eat into your timing for entering into the country.

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