Medical tests for ITA thanks.

I am also a frequent traveler to Canada. I am hoping to get the medical done there itself as I stay in Buffalo and would have to travel all the way to NYC to get it done.

Its possible right ?

You can do your medical tests at any place designated by CIC. There’s a list on their website where you can see the providers.


Yes. I just booked one in Toronto. Thanks

What is the IME/UCI number? Is this available before ITA?

Are you referring to the medical test or the overall application? IME is the number on your receipt that you get immediately after you visit the doctor for your medical test.
UCI is unique client identifier that is your ID for all your CIC immigration applications. It stays the same for each person. When you create your account you get this.

This is the Panel Physicians link:

I took my medical exam and the physician’s office gave me some unofficial document. They told me results will be ready in 10 business days, which will be shared via email with me and with CIC electronically. This is the last item I need to complete my ITA. Should I go ahead, scan and upload this “official” document and submit my application, or should I wait for the results and use that to upload to the ITA application? Thanks!

It should be the receipt with the IME number or something like that at the top. If so then yes upload this and submit. No need to wait for results.

i don;t see any for my state…

Does it mean we need to travel to other city (other state) to get medical?

What if I get it from India… Adding little more to $400-500 I can visit India and get test there :slightly_smiling_face:
I guess it will be very cheaper there…any idea?

It does not matter which country you get the medical done in. The only requirement is that it should be a panel physician (one cic recommends) there are several in India.

thanks @anon25417004

but is it really true that medical test centers are not available in every US state… i tried to search and it seems nearest one for me is about 4-5 hours away…

also how do we check the fees and availability for each center… call them or any online link?

The centers listed on CIC website around your area are the only ones accepted by CIC/IRCC there’s no other option.

Call them to book appointment.

Yes, it is possible. Medical test center may not be available in every state or even a city close to you. You would have to check the closest state to see if you have a CIC panel physician available.

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Thank you all! I have a 1 year old child. His medical examination can be scheduled with the same panel physician as well, correct?

guys do we need medical test for the kids also under 8 years age?? or unders 5years age??

For accompanying spouse medical text, do they need to carry a copy of ITA? Since it doesn’t mention spouse/spouse name anywhere. what can be the point of reference for the physician?

Yup, pretty sure you need one for all of your family members.
“If you apply for permanent residence, you must have an immigration medical exam. Your [family members] must also have a medical exam, [even if they are not coming with you]”

Guys went to the doctor ( Timothy Fitzer – sfo bay area ) today

No receipt given, on asking they said they will send all the doc’s in the email after one week.

Anyone had same experience recently ?