Movers recommendation from New Jersey to Greater Toronto Area


We are planning to move to GTA sometime in mid Aug. Any good movers recommendation for furniture and other belongings?

Thank you!

We moved using a U-Haul, but used movers in coastal NJ to load everything into the truck. Are you looking to get loading help or someone to load, move and unload? Can refer the service we used if loading is enough.

Thank you for your response! We are looking for someone to move (dismantle furniture, pack and ship)

Could you please help what documentation do we need to carry for transporting household goods using UHAUL?

Is it better to buy car from USA and move it to Canada or get one from Canada only?

Thanks a lot.

We used Atlas Van Lines, and also got quote from United (most expensive and highly professional), Allied (QMM) and a local guy. Atlas Van Lines was the best bang for the buck and we got a really nice trucker (which is what’s most important).

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Thank you very much! Will get the quote from them

@usa2can - We are thinking of going with Atlas Van Lines. Were there any surprises in final quote ? And, did they help with assembling the furniture ?

@Shri: could you please let me know if you used the same and the experience ?

There were no major surprises. I paid the amount which was provided to me in the initial bill.
However, be careful with one thing, you need to plan your travel after shipping properly.

I was told that it will take atleast a week for my stuff to reach Toronto, and if I am not able to receive it then, they will charge 500CAD per day for storage.
However, he reached in 2.5 days, and I was asked to be present immediately, or be ready to pay 500 * 4 .

so try to avoid such surprises by planning a bit better.

We ended up using OM Shipping. Our final amount far exceeded the quote. However, they didn’t charge us for the storage.

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Thanks @usa2can and @Shri

@usa2can: Atlas is telling that they offer 30 day storage after the items are shipped. But, based on your experience it seems they didn’t offer any storage. Did you move pre-covid ? Just trying to understand if I could be reading their contract incorrectly.

Thanks again.

yes thats true, the catch is that the storage is in a smaller container, not the container which brings your stuff from US. so they want you to be there in the dixie road customs office to release the truck, so that stuff in the truck can be offloaded in the smaller container, the truck can go on its next job, and if you have not found a permanent home yet, you can use their 30 day storage :slight_smile:

@usa2can Thanks again. It’s amazing how agents don’t always share this info. transparently.

Given the 14 day quarantine, how does that get played into the timeline ? Because, you can’t go to customs for 14 days. Do you need to send someone else and get it released ?

Sorry, but I moved here last year, so can’t say how is that handled in the covid era.
If I remember, you have to be present to release from customs. Atlas van lines should be able to provide the right guidance, or better check with Canada Customs.

No worries. Thanks for all the inputs.

We moved during COVID and we were under self quarantine for 14 days. Once we got free, our movers asked trucking company to ship it and then my husband (not sure if someone else can go) went and got it released.

PS: It is better that the movers store our stuff in US and then coordinate with our timelines and then ask trucking company it ship in order to avoid any complexities

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Thanks @Shri: Can you share the contact for OM shipping and / or website ? Also, was the overall experience good ?

OM Global Shipping Lines: (510) 557-8883

They provide an estimate per cubic feet. I am not sure how other movers work. All the movers that I had got an estimate from had provided me an estimate based on cubic feet. Also, after they pack the stuff they put it on the wooden pallets which increases the cubic feet at the end. So, please take into consideration that as well.

Based on our experience, moving industry in general (except ones who are extremely professional. In that case, charges would be more) is an unorganized industry. So, please be mindful of dealing with them. Ask them as many questions as possible to get the clarity. It changes various hands from the movers in US to trucking company to the movers in Canada. At least 3 parties would be involved.

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Thank you for the inputs and details. Really appreciate it.

Thanks, did the moving company help install the furniture when they arrive in Canada? I have one standing desk need to move with the truck, but a bit challenging to install on my own
And, did you buy any insurance on that?