Movers recommendation from New Jersey to Greater Toronto Area


We are planning to move to GTA sometime in mid Aug. Any good movers recommendation for furniture and other belongings?

Thank you!

We moved using a U-Haul, but used movers in coastal NJ to load everything into the truck. Are you looking to get loading help or someone to load, move and unload? Can refer the service we used if loading is enough.

Thank you for your response! We are looking for someone to move (dismantle furniture, pack and ship)

Could you please help what documentation do we need to carry for transporting household goods using UHAUL?

Is it better to buy car from USA and move it to Canada or get one from Canada only?

Thanks a lot.

We used Atlas Van Lines, and also got quote from United (most expensive and highly professional), Allied (QMM) and a local guy. Atlas Van Lines was the best bang for the buck and we got a really nice trucker (which is what’s most important).

Thank you very much! Will get the quote from them