Need help! PR refusal


I received a message from CIC that my PR Express entry was refused.

the status changed to

’‘Review of eligibility We regret to inform you that you do not meet the eligibility requirements. Please see the final decision below.’'

The refusal letter says that the reason for refusal was

within the ten years preceding the date of their application for a permanent resident visa, they have accumulated at least one year of continuous full-time (30 hours/week) work experience, as described in subsection 73(1), or the equivalent in continuous part-time work, in the occupation identified in their application as their primary occupation, other than a restricted occupation, that is listed in Skill Type 0 Management Occupations or Skill Levels A or B of the *National Occupational Classification* matrix;

The message was that :
I am not satisfied that you meet the requirement under paragraph a), because you have not submitted sufficient evidence to satisfy me that you have at least one year of continuous full-time paid work experience, or the equivalent in continuous paid part-time work experience, in the occupation identified in your application.

Also, it mentions in the mail that
Subsection 75(3) of the IRPR states that if a foreign national fails to meet these requirements, the application shall be refused and no further assessment is required. I am not satisfied that you meet these requirements.

Need help I don’t understand what went wrong. What are the next steps, is there a way to correct this?



Did you submit appropriate work experience letter(s) for all your experience as per the NOC code in your application? Are they for more than 1 year?



yes I have submitted all the documents for last 5 years of work ex, including payslips and letters from HR with the details required by CIC.



And are you sure that your responsibilities were matching the ones in the NOC code description? If they were, you should try calling them or raise a request using the webform -



That is not good…

I think you have IT job experience in India and US… and masters from US… thats strange that they did not find it matching…
yeah as above askd was NOC matching in the experience letters with the primary NOC?
btw when did you submit the application?



Someone’s PR was also refused due to mistake on CIC’s part. Firstly, please check whether everything you submitted online + the supporting documents (reference letters, NOC codes etc) match correct. Also try to find if you, by mistake, selected 5 years of work experience in Canada section or work experience outside Canada. Once you are satisfied that your application was correct, then contact CIC to inform them of the same. It may be possible they made a mistake or did not look at the documents properly. Contact them on the IRCC web form.

Rest assured, you can still go ahead and submit another EE profile and resubmit application after ITA since this denial won’t cause any issues in the future.



I’m working in US for last 19 months. I worked in India Full time for 4 years before moving to US for Masters.
I’ve used the code

2173 Software engineers and designers

while applying for EE.



If your NOC description matches your job description on the letter, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have counted the 3 years of foreign work experience. Contact them asap and also start filling a new EE profile just in case they don’t budge.



I still fail to understand what information is exactly required to prove that I’m a software engineer. My title says Software Engineer and I submitted letters from HR stating working hours as 40hrs/week and pay stubs too. I find it very inconvenient to get a rejection after waiting for 4 and half months from ITA and disappointing on CICs part they simply rejected the application instead of asking for additional documents. I’m looking forward to next round of draw but really want to understand the mistake I did so that I don’t repeat it. Can someone suggest me a full proof information that will convince the officer on the work experience?



Sorry to hear about your situation. Did you have a few bullets that describe the work you do? From what I understand title is not enough. You need to have job description, preferably atleast 5-10 bullet points. Did you have that on your experience letters? Quoting from the official website “should indicate all positions held while employed at the company and must include the following details: job title, duties and responsibilities, job status (if current job), dates worked for the company, number of work hours per week and annual salary plus benefits”



Thanks for sharing your application details. I went through your letters of reference and I think they are not detailed at all in terms of job duties and responsibilities. I’m sure others whom you’ve shared the letters with will agree to this. If I was an immigration officer - whether or not I knew anything about software engineering - going through your letters I couldn’t match NOC description to your job duties and responsibilities because the letters don’t state them. So by the rules and regulations I needed to follow I would probably have to refuse your application on administrative grounds.
Unfortunately you will have to redo the letters as given in the guidelines on CIC website. Also, I’ve sent you a separate email with the letter I wrote which you can refer to.



Hi Anshul, can you please share details of what you used. Thanks!



Thank you Anshul for the review. I will definitely add more detail next time. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a refusal, I assumed they would ask for more documents if needed but I was mistaken.
Do you know If I need to redo PCC (FBI and Indian Police) or any other document?



As long as your PCC is less than 6 months old and FBI clearance is less than a year old you should be fine.



thanks, 6 months old on the date of submission, right?



6 months from PCC date off issuance



Hi Anshul, based on your response it looks like you are pretty confident by reading the letters that they aren’t matching with declared NOC and there is a clear error.

Could you please share details about this error or elaborate the same with an example, so others can understand what not to do or what things must be covered in letters.



I don’t want to share someone else’s application details here, but in general the letters need to have detailed information preferably in bullet points about job duties and responsibilities so that they can be verified against the NOC code.

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Thanks @avj.



I also just got my refusal letter due to having insufficient details in my work experience letters. This is a bummer as I was looking to move there right away had I gotten the PR.

I’m looking to reapply, does any one know if I have to start from scratch all over again (create profile --> ITA --> Medical exam, PCC, etc…) or are there things I can reuse from my previous application?

Also, any idea what would be the best-case timeline for the application to go through?