New Applicant - Inelegible 447 points - Please HELP

Hello all,

I am hoping to get some asnwers to my situation. I submitted my Express Entry application and within minutes I received a message saying I was ineligible.

Attached with the mesage I got a list of possible reasons; none of which apply to me.

I have checked multiple times and my score totals up to 447.

I have a masters degree from the United States (ECA done with WES)
I am 30, married with no kids.
Both my wife and I have 3+ years of work experience outside canada.
IELTS - (9 Speaking) (8.5 Reading) (8.5 Listening) (7 Writing) CLB 9.
Bringing 40,000 CAD with me.

My wife also has a Masters from the USA for wich we didnt do a ECA as it only adds 10 points.

*I applied a year ago, and received the same answer but I realized my points were 50 lowe as my IELTS was CLB 8 back than. On the new application it asked if I have applied before, I answered yes and provided the number of the last application.

I would be so grateful for your help. Anyone had a similar situation? Are 447 points not enough?

It must have asked you for the UCI number. But if you did not get any Invite last time and hence did not submit any documents then you wont have any Previous UCI number. What number did you put?

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When you say you got same answer before, does it mean it said you were ineligible before? If you did not get ITA and did not submit final application then you have never really applied to CIC for any immigration benefits. Simply creating a submitting a EE profile in the entry will give you a E00x number, but it doesn’t really mean you applied.

Also, did you select YES for ECA question (I presume you did)?

This ineligibility message basically means you filled out something wrong while submitting EE profile.

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Yes ineligible.

I am not sure what I could have done incorrectly

Select “NO” for “Have you previously applied…” question and see.

Another suggestion if above didn’t work.
I had this problem when I didn’t have my ECA done. My guess is, you are adding your wife’s education but not providing ECA information.
If this is the case then I think, as you are not claiming points for your wife’s education you need not add her education in application.

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I had it done.

ALSO what do you guys think I should put in where it asks what provinces I would like to live in?

All? Just one? Some combination

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For express entry doesn’t really matter. Choose whichever one’s you feel you will have good opportunities in. Selecting all is same as selecting none as you don’t really care. Probably don’t choose Quebec since EE is FSW. You can go to Quebec later if you want.

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It’s just to show your intent. British Columbia (Vancouver) and Ontario (Toronto) are two great places to start from.

We had the same problem todat. Me and my wife submitted our profile today and immediately got a message stating that we we’re ineligible to apply for EE.

Unfortunately, it looks like CIC has not updated the portal to provide the exact reason for ineligibility.

When I checked our eligibility earlier while creating the profile, the tool told us we we’re eligible.

I’m the primary applicant, 29 years of age and a Master’s (ECA done) with an overall IELTS of 8 and 3 years of work experience on the Software Manager NOC. I also added 5 years of experience on the Software Engineer NOC.

My wife is 27 years old, an overall IELTS of 7. We did not add her education as we did not get an ECA done for it. I did add her 5 years of work experience under the Software Engineer NOC.

We had CAD 17000 listed as the funds we are bringing with us.

Not sure what we entered incorrectly that’s leading to a disqualification for us.

Please help!

Did you add your wife’s education without ECA? Try not adding your wife’s education if you did so earlier. When you get a message like that immediately it means you did something wrong. What are your IELTS section scores?

Hi Anshul,

I did not add my wife’s education.

Our IELTS are as follows:

Mine (primary applicant): Speaking: 7.5, Reading: 9, Writing: 7, Listening: 8.5

Wife’s : Speaking: 7, Reading: 6.5, Writing: 6.5, Listening: 8.5

Your profile looks fine and shouldn’t make you ineligible. Just go through your profile again and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

I tried searching through my rejected profile again and found that I had selected my Masters as ‘Part-time’, though it was a 51 credit hour MBA that I completed in 2 years. I essentially have the same degree as a full-time student word-for-word and there’s nothing about part-time in my WES ECA.

I wonder if this selection could be the reason for my ineligibility.

Does the WES evaluation state equivalency of your MBA to a Master’s degree? If it does, I think it shouldn’t really matter whether it was full-time or part-time. I may be wrong but I didn’t see anything mentioned about it.

I am facing the same issue. Immediate message regarding ineligibility after express entry profile submission. CRS score is 477. I have done ECA for both my wife and I. Fatosber and Swapnil709, did you ever get this issue resolved?


Yes this was resolved. It must be something weird in the system. I don’t remember what I changed but after a few tweaks it worked.

See if all the NOC’s are the same. Also if your wife has not translated her diploma into Canadian Equivalency do not put it in there…

You were right. Needed the skilled work experience to be in the same NOC. Express entry profile submitted successfully, and now waiting for ITA.

If you know you’re eligible and you get immediate ineligibility it means you did something wrong while filling out your EE profile application.

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