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Thanks a lot vignesh. Appreciate your help.


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Hello Vignesh,

I would like to know how should i key in my EE profile, if one of my job experience is mix of full time and part time. Like how many entries should i make?
Here is my total experience: (Total experience : Sept 2011 to March 2014)

The break up:

Sept 2011 to Oct 2013 - Full time (45 hrs)
Nov 2013 - Part time (22.5 hrs)
Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 - Full time (45 hrs)
Feb 2014 to March 2014 - Part time. (22.5 hrs)

Should i enter one entry in EE profile and explain in LOE or should i make multiple entries. Please guide me. Thanks a lot Vignesh!!


I would put it was 4 individual entries, and later in the employment letter you can explain. But as far as EE profile entry you should have 4 separate entries.


I had similar issue. I made individual entries and attached the same employment letter for all those since they were in same company. Employment letter does show the timeline with hours worked. But note I am still post ITA phase and havent submitted my profile yet.


Hi Vignesh,
Below is my case. Please suggest the best approach.

July 2016 to Dec 2017 - I have offer letter, payslips and resignation email and acknowledgement. Company closed its operations and no one is there to provide reference letters. Can I use my offer letter, payslips, W2, affidavit from co workers to prove my job skills.


I think you can use offer letter, resignation letter, affidavit / letter from co-workers as proof of experience. I would attach a cover letter for this role explaining the company’s current status and the documents attached to support your candidature.

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Hello Members,
I need your advice and guidance. I am filling express entry with three areas of experience. I am a manufacturing engineer have 12 years of total experience in such a way that I served:

  1. 4 years core manufacturing engineer for automotive parts development.
  2. 2 years in engineering University as lecturer, teaching manufacturing engineering
  3. 6 years plus served in the technical vocational education system and applied engineering for the development of new sites, selection and procurement of workshops, machinery, tooling and even cad/ cam softwares. Furthermore, managed multiple locations institutes.
    Question is should I select NOC for engineering for my entire career or should I select three NOCs separately…what is the better way to go about it?
    Really appreciate your support and suggestions.



I am recently renewing my EE application as my previous one expired. On my first application I put NOC 2171 as all my work experience consist of IT consultant / analyst.
While going through my work experience and exploring PNP programs, the list of NOCs and their description and 100 of other pages regarding Immigrating ti Canada I realized that around 1 year and 2 months I’ve work on a position that is more compatible with a IT Financial planner / analyst than just IT analyst which corresponds to NOC 1114. During the period I work as a IT Financial Planner and Analyst I was studying Finance and later after changing job I got my Bachelor degree in Finance. My questions are:

  1. Would it be a problem if in my new application I added NOC 1114 for that 1 y 2 m time? Do I need to add any explanation anywhere?
  2. Is it ok that I got my finance degree after working on that position.
  3. Is it ok to apply for a PNP program with NOC 1114 and my primary NOC on EE is 2171?

Thank you.


I want to apply for Canadian Immigration and I have a recent Masters degree from Australia. I do not fulfill the NOC requirement for 4011 University professors and lecturers. I have worked as a lecturer for four years in Pakistan, after my Masters degree from Pakistan (16 years education, which is equivalent to Bachelors degree overseas)
Whereas in NOC 4011 , employment requirement includes
A master’s degree in the field of specialization is required for university lecturers
I had a Bachelors degree (16 years of Education) when I taught at University in Pakistan. So does that mean I cannot apply for this profession?
Now I have 18 years of education after finishing my Masters from Australia in 2019. So, I am unsure whether I am eligible or not, because i finished my 18 years of education after my work experience?


hello everyone

need ur sincere advice

i am in govt sector. my current designation is staff nurse but i am working in govt college of nursing on the vacant post of nursing tutor .

my department will give me experience on the name of staff nurse not nursing tutor though my job responsibilities are of nursing tutor

moreover i have filled the code of tutor and got ITA also

so kindly advice me what should i do

can i attach notarized explanation letter that i am working on the vacant post of nursing tutor