NOC Related Questions

Please help me to identify NOC Code for these responsibilities:

§ Work closely with the Data Scientist to do the data cleansing, formatting, and updating the model population.
§ Cooperate with Business Intelligence Analyst and the Data Scientist for gathering, summarizing and presenting relevant monthly Risk KPI dashboards and live tableau dashboards for our external investors and internal senior management team
§ Generate actionable reports and ad-hoc queries to support decision-making including time-series and portfolio analysis
§ Work closely with the Business Intelligence, Data Science & Credit Risk Strategy teams for identifying data quality issues and cooperating with the technology team for rectifying the issues on database
§ Cooperate with Credit Strategy & Data Science team for creating, maintaining and automating the model validation process
§ Assist data science team with model development, model evaluation and results monitoring documentation
§ Leading the data entry projects for adding/improving the missing information in our databases

I have work experience with 2 unrelated noc, noc6342(banking) and noc (tailoring)0122, how do I combine the two noc for express entry purpose?

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I am confused in choosing the appropriate NOC for this job title/requirements. Which one would be appropriate? Thanks in advance.

Job Title: Software/SQL Developer

*• Oracle PL/SQL application code development, data modeling, SQL generation. *
*• Execution of unit and acceptance testing. *
*• Utilization of the automated test infrastructure for the project. *
*• Identification of application code for reuse. *
*• Implement MVVM design pattern in JavaScript using Kendo MVVM framework. *
• Develop User Interface utilizing HTML5, CSS3 for view models while integrating JQuery, AJAX and json to call Web API methods.

My NOC codes are different with few months break, so I’m not sure which NOC code I need to use when filling my express entry profile for better score. As I read On Canada.Ca website for express entry eligibility, it mentions the job related NOC code has to be Continuous and full-time. Can someone please suggest? Also does the title of our roles on paper should be exactly listed under the NOC list ?

Sep18 to Present (1 year 1 month) - Software Project Manager (NOC 0)
Oct17 to Aug18 (10 months) - No Job (Returned to India and into family business)
Mar14 to Sep17 (3 years 6 months - USA) - Software Quality Assurance Engineer (NOC A)
Feb14 to Mar14 (2 months) - No Job
Jan13 to Jan14 (1 year - USA)- Software Quality Assurance (NOC A)

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Trust we are all well? Please I have a question concerning picking NOC , I’ll be grateful for your insight.

I intend to use NOC 4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers. The lead statement is perfect for what I perform, however the duty part is a bit tricky.

In this NOC I did the 2 only duties listed under the heading ’ science policy and program officers '. Is it safe to use this as my NOC or must a person also perform duties listed under other sections including ’ Ergonomists or human factors specialists ', ’ Occupational or industrial hygienists ', ‘Science policy and program officers’ etc before he/she can use this NOC?

Please see NOC duties below.

Lead statement

Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, prepare reports, provide consultation and advice and administer programs in a variety of areas related to the natural and applied sciences. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, computer and office furniture manufacturers, educational institutions, research organizations, consulting firms, environmental and conservation organizations, or they may be self-employed.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Ergonomists or human factors specialists

Conduct research and advise on, and intervene in the physical, social and psychological interrelationships between persons, their equipment and working or living environments to ensure that the design, configuration and use of equipment, procedures and environmental conditions maximize safety, productivity and comfort.

Occupational or industrial hygienists

Study, evaluate and control physical, chemical and biological hazards and stresses in the workplace
Report and document investigations and conclusions
Suggest changes to work environments and processes
Provide information to workers and managers or employers on methods to reduce the risk of injury or illness from specific occupational hazards
May teach safe work procedures, participate in emergency response planning, testify at hearings and report findings at scientific conferences or in scientific journals.

Patent agents

Advise clients on elements of patent law and on the patentability of inventions
Conduct patent searches
Prepare patent applications
Represent clients before the patent office.

Technology transfer officers

Transfer and integrate new technologies, usually from university or government research and development environments, to commercial and industrial applications and ensure the protection of intellectual property of researchers and developers.

Science policy and program officers

Conduct research and advise on policies or develop or administer programs related to transportation, emergency preparedness, communications, natural resources, agriculture, the environment, traditional and alternative energy technologies, land use, recycling and other scientific fields
Promote public awareness and education on issues such as utilization of natural resources, the environment, and reprocessing and reduction of waste.

Employment requirements

A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a related scientific or technical discipline is usually required for occupations in this unit group.
A master’s degree in a related scientific discipline may be required.
Certification through the Canadian College of Certified Professional Ergonomists is required to use the title “Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE)”. Membership with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists may be required.
Occupational hygienists may require certification by the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists.
Patent agents require 12 months of work experience in the patent field and successful completion of examinations set by the Commissioner of Patents. They may also be required to be listed in the register of patent agents.
Occupations in this group that are involved in green building design and technologies development may require the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification offered by the Canadian Green Building Council.

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My undergrad degree is in Mechanical Engineering after which I joined an IT Company as a Systems Engineer. But my job duties listed according to the company closely matches to NOC Code 2171-- Information systems analysts and consultants. I have almost 3 years of experience with this company. It would be great if someone could help me with the below questions.

a) Since My undergrad degree is different from the educational requirements of NOC Code 2171 (this mainly involves computer science engineering), will it be a problem if I put my undergrad graduation date as date of qualification?

b) Since my Job title is a Systems Engineer, will it be a issue if I select NOC code 2171, or should I go for something else.

Plaese help.



Hello Everyone,
Just joined today and tried to do find my answer but haven’t been successful yet, however, if any kind hearten friend can answer my question it would be a great help!
I am providing my work experience below:

NOC Code Duration Title Skill Level Country
1311 5 years 8 Months Accauntant B Bangladesh
1431 6 Months PT/3 Moths FT Admin & Accounts Assistant C Australia
1311 3 Months FT Finance Officer B Australia
1111 2+ Months ongoing Accountant A Australia

And the education qualification is as below:

Degree Year Country
Secondary School Certificate 2007 Bangladesh
Higher Secondary Certificate 2009 Bangladesh
Bachelors of Business Administration 2012-2015 Bangladesh
Masters of Professional Accountoing Advanced 2016-2017 Australia

Based on this information, can you please tell me how many years of experience i will able to demonstrate for FSW express entry and in which will be my primary NOC?
Thanks friends. Any useful reply will be highly appreciated as i am planning to sit for IELTS, but want to make sure i have enough tools to move forward before start investing on this purpose?

I recently got job with the title of ‘electrical technician associate’. I asked HR person for NOC code and she said we dont know. Can anyone help me to find NOC code? Does it fall in Category B ?

Hey guys,

I have experience as a computer programmer(A) for 2 years 10 months and system admin(B) for 1 year 8 months in total.

So for this question in particular “In the last 10 years, how many total years of skilled work experience do you have?
It must have been paid, full-time (or an equal amount in part-time), and in only one occupation (NOC skill type 0, A or B).” Should I choose 3+ years totaling the experience or just 2 years 10 months which is the highest?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, I’ve worked under same noc code 6235 (FSR) but in 2 different designations (job promotion). Now my current manager is giving me 2 reference letters for 2 designations. My question is that most of the job duties of these 2 letters are exactly the same i.e. 6 common job duties in both letters out of a total of 10. Will that create any problem. If yes, any way out?

PS- My manager is friendly to me.

Hello Harsh,

Hope you are doing good. What was your decision on this? What did you do? What do you suggest too?

Hi all,

need your feedback on this.

I have a query after observing my GCMS notes.
I had more than 4 years of work experience (different NOC’s) in all at the time of submitting the application.
My first occupation lasted for 7 months for which I didn’t intend to claim points however gave all the details as reference letter, payslip etc as part of work history.
Now this NOC & Occupation of 7 months reflects as the primary occupation on the gcms and doesn’t meet the requirement of 1 year.

I have other NoC that has higher experience I.e 2+ years which is my current occupation and suppose to be Primary occupation.

(Note: I have made the blunder on not clarifying the primary occupation in the start, mistakenly has provided my first occupation)

I wanted to know, can I clarify through LOE via webform to consider my primary occupation with highest experience NOC at this point?
I have previously submitted all credentials to substantiate for all the occupations.

AOR - Feb 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to express my interest in applying in the SINP-Express Entry (NOC 2231 - Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians)

I created my account but I am not clear regarding how many points will I get for work experience.

My work experience is as follows:

  • I am working (full time) as Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians from January 2015 till now;

  • I had worked as full time Post-secondary teaching and research assistants at a Private University (Faculty of Civil Engineering) from November 2012 to September 2014. The problem is that this university is now closed in my country, so it is a bit difficult for me to get reference letter from it. I can gather all documents that certified that I was employed as a Post-secondary teaching and research assistants during that time from my Government;

  • I had worked (full time) as Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians from February to October 2012;

  • I had worked (part time) as Post-secondary teaching and research assistants at Polytechnic University (Faculty of Civil Engineering) from September 2011 to July 2013.

Is it right to calculate my work experience as Post-secondary teaching and research assistants in the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the total experience?

Should I select 8 years or 9 years? (My work experience is 8 years and 6 months)

I am looking forward for your kind reply,

Kind regards,

Hey Himanshu.

Were you able to prove it, buddy?
I have the same story.

Can we connect?

Bro thanks alot for your reply.

I just want to know for someone who is a social media entrepreneur, do you have any idea what the NOC code can be or something close. Thanks