PoF : Credit cards balance required?


For Proof of Funds requirement post ITA for EE, do we need to provide statements of all credit cards that we hold ?

I have 6-7 different credit cards, and though the outstanding balance is zero/small in all, I am just concerned whether not providing any information from here would affect the application or not ?
Having 6+ month statements for 7 credit cards plus the checking/savings account will definitely shoot up the file size beyond 4 MB.

So trying to avoid it if it is not really required.

Please comment.


I have not provided any credit card statements, just the 6 months current, savings, bank letter for Proof of funds and a letter of explanation detailing all credits cards, their balance and credit limit.
Since the official requirement is really a letter from the bank and statements to provide further details. We decided to not add too much clutter to our application. The cic website mentions only about ‘list all your debt’ so we felt that can be done via letter of explaination.

go through Proof of funds for Express Entry thread.

A lot of related questions are already answered

If you hold a job offer in Canda, you wouldn’t need to provide proof of funds. Check this link

thanks @anon51722411.
so just mentioning this in the LOE is enough ?