PPR close to medical expiry date

IRCC has received my passport on 12th Dec 2019. But my medical expires on 1st Jan 2020 (Medical was done on 2nd Jan 2019). Given that my medical has not expired, will they issue COPR with expiry date of 1st Jan 2020? In this case I might receive my passport back after COPR expiry.

Has anyone experienced this situation before? Do they issue COPR with extended expiry date (> 12 months of medical test)?

Any suggestions on what I should do in this situation?


I don’t have answer for your question but it’s probably good to raise a web request and get an answer from IRCC directly while you wait for responses here. The dates are quite close to make it work. (Worst case plan to land a day earlier than the last date)

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Don’t quote me on this but it is likely that they will issue COPR/visa with expiry date a few months out - maybe 6 to 8 months - from the date when the visa is stamped in your passport. This is based both on what I have read online, and also my personal experience.

In my case, they issued PPR only after my medicals had expired and when the visa was stamped in my passport, the expiry date was some 8 - 9 months from date of stamping. I think you will have well beyond a Jan 2020 expiry date.

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Thanks for the response. I have already sent them query using web form.

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Good to know, were you asked to undertake another medical after landing as a condition for landing formalities be complete?

No I don’t need to take another medical. I did notice the expiry date of my landing visa is 1 year from the original medicals expiry date.

Hello guys

Maybe my questions are already answered somewhere in this thread, but i wasnt able to find the answers that I was looking for. Hence, I have the following questions.

  1. I got a request from IRCC to submit my passport for one time single entry visa and for CoPR. I plan to mail my documents using FedEx. I have read at some threads that I need to attach commercial invoice along with return label in my package to IRCC. What exactly is this, and is this required to be sent to IRCC along with my passport, Annex A, and return label? Also, is there a preference between FedEx or UPS that I should take into account?

  2. I took my medical exam on 14th Jan 2019, and I passed my eMedicals on 21st October 2019. Due to some reason I will not be able to send my passport to IRCC till 28th December 2019. I have already conveyed this to IRCC guys, and they have extended my original deadline of 18th December 2019 to 18th February 2020 (extension of 60 days). My question is what if they return my passport, and CoPR after 14th Jan 2020 (when my medicals would expire). Will they ask me to do another medical or simply extend the validity of existent medical by say 1 month?

Thank you community for your help in advance.

-Ajeya Gupta

  1. Yes. You should include commercial invoices for both outgoing and return shipment. You should sign the commercial invoice for outgoing shipment but not the return shipment. These invoices are used for custom clearance so that your shipment cross border without any issues. As far as I know FedEx is preferred even if it is expensive. I have done Fedex and my packet got delivered in 20 hours from California.

  2. As I have read online, it can go either way.

What adi said is correct - you need 2 commercial invoices. One each for both the outbound and return shipment. Include the return invoice along with your documents that you send to Canada in the outgoing package. Here is FedEx’s commercial invoice template in case you need it:

Thank you Adi and Sun for your reply. I understand that I should include a blank copy of the return invoice in my FedEx package (along with passport, photographs, Annex A, etc.). Who will sign the return invoice in this case? Will it be IRCC guys?

Also for the outgoing invoice, you said that I should sign this piece of document. Should I stick this document anywhere (like, outside the main envelope)? Or how do I make sure that customs get my outbound invoice when my package is going from USA to Canada?

Thank you,

I filled out the return invoice also with details - coz its basically the same materials they will return to you + 2 additional sheets of paper - but I don’t recall if I signed it or not.

For the outgoing invoice, the FedEx agent will know what to do with it if you tell them about it. I think they put it in the transparent pouch on front.

Yes. please make sure you get the commercial invoice. My passport was stuck in customs for a week on the way back from Canada.Please make sure that you attach the invoice on the outside of the return envelope.

Thanks for your reply. In your case, did you fill up and sign the return commercial invoice (for Canada to USA mail)? Or you just sent a blank copy of the commercial invoice to IRCC guys, and let them fill the form?

Thank you Sun for your reply. Yup, I’ll certainly take care of outgoing and incoming invoices. I am just trying to figure out if I should fill the return invoice and put my signature, or let the IRCC guys fill the form and let them put their signature.

My return invoice was filled but not signed. As far as I know, the sender needs to sign it so in this case it will be IRCC. The invoices were attached on the top of the return envelope using transparent pouch.
P.S: I am yet to get my passport back so I would recommend you follow the advice of folks who have successfully received it.

okay, cool. Thank you very much guys for this information. These are very small details that people very often tend to overlook.