PR Card not delivered after more than 3 months, how can I contact them from USA


It’s been more than 3 months after I soft landed, but I still haven’t received my PR card.

I want to call them, but the IRCC call centre number seems to be valid within Canada only. Has anyone known about any way I can call them from the US?

I noticed a previous post mentioned solemn declaration. Is it OK to fax it from USA?

Thanks very much!

I’m not sure that this would still work but in 2018 I had called them from the US and had a 40 min wait. I dialed *67 before the no. 6139444000 so that their phone system thought I was calling from Canada (and not the US).

there is a webform to IRCC website canada. use that to send any concerns and they will reply.

There is an app called Text now… download that … it will assign you a canada number … use that to call them… I did the same as my pr card was not received even after 4 months… so after i called and updated my Canada Address … my PR card was delivered .

Thanks so much for your advice. I got a virtual phone number through OpenPhone and it works!

Hi @moose , were you able to successfully call up IRCC and talk to them about your concern? Did they have an update?

Hi, I tried to call them today. And it’s all automatic responses. The human responder seems not accessible due to super large call volumes. I’ll try to call them more in the next weeks. The information I get from today’s automatic responses is that the PR card processing time is 128 days now. I guess I need to wait a while and stay patient. :rofl:

Hi @moose, did you link your PR card application to CIC? Any updates on the CIC status? We landed in Oct 2021 and we’re still to receive the PR cards as well.

Hi, @ameha, I can not get any update so far. No human answers the phone, webform leads to very standard useless responses. So I’ll continue to wait for a while.

What’s your timeline @moose … when did you soft land?

I landed on the first Sunday of October 2021.

I called IRCC just now, it seems my PR card was mailed out December 9. I guess it’s lost. I’ll have to file a solemn declaration. They told me they were still processing the solemn declaration filed September 27, 2021. So it will be a long wait I guess.

Thanks @moose

Do you see that the card was mailed out in CIC status?

No, I called them. They checked the information and told me so.

Gotcha. Thanks @moose

Any tips on which number to call and which options to select to reach a human?

888-242-2100 is the number to call

I also did soft landing back in August/2021. And did not receive my PR Card yet.
I tried calling them couple of times. But still I cant get hold of anyone on phone.

I have already sent 2 web form since last month. But I haven’t got any reply to anyone. I just got an automated reply saying that they will reply.

When I linked my PR Card application in my IRCC portal, it tells me that my application was approved in September/2021 and it gives me some Document Number.

Do they update it over here when they mail the PR Card?

HI @ameha,

Do you also see similar status in your profile.

@usa2canada nope. Mine still says processing.

@moose do you see a status like @usa2canada in your cic account? Or does it stop say processing?

@ameha Hi, I don’t know how to link my PR card application in IRCC portal. I can not find anything from IRCC portal.