PR card not processed during Soft Landing

We are planning to do soft landing some time in April mid and use AVR to go back to the US. I heard that the PR card will not be processed if you arent moving during the first landing. What are the implications of that?
Does that mean that we are not PR?
Does that mean we have activated our PR but it will be issued only after you permanently move?

There are some confusing information out there. Can someone clarify on this?

In case you mention that you are not moving permanently (which you should only if you are asked about it), and they decide not to process PR card. You are still a permanent resident once you are allowed to enter the country. PR card is a travel document.
You’ll have to get a PRTD to re-enter when you move permanently.
Another option is, you can re-enter via a road POE in a personal vehicle without a PR card. Only public transportation options like buses/flights etc need PR card or PRTD.

Just keep in mind that you don’t need to speak about moving now/later unless you are asked.


Thanks ashpdx… Glad to know that there aren’t any deadline to enter after soft landing.

@mercuryman there is no deadline to enter after soft landing, but you still need to fulfill the residency requirements (2 out of 5 years) to keep status.

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Thanks !
Just out of curiosity, if we dont satisfy 730 days but we immigrate to Canada with less than 730 days, does that mean that we need to just renew it or go through some ways like Express Entry again…

As far as i know, if we don’t satisfy the residency requirements, we’ll be denied entry (at POE) as a PR, and status revoked.
Will probably need to file some kind of an appeal (if you had extenuating circumstances i.e. medical reasons or something) or go through re-applying for PR.

Thanks !

So the only point for a soft landing is so your COPR doesn’t expire? Ours expires April 12th, we aren’t moving to Canada permanently on that day though, but we need to activate PR status before April 12th. If we go to a land border, even if the PR will not be processed, we are still okay in regard to the COPR expiration date?

Any help would be appreciated!

With current situation was wondering if the IRCC would give some extension, until this blows over. Is the webform good enough for requesting extension? Ours expire this May.

I have also submitted to IRCC webform inquiring about extension… it’s been 6 business days now and haven’t heard a thing…


Did you ever get a response? If yes, how long after you submitted the webform?
I have submitted a webform on similar subject.

Hi, When you mentioned that we can enter without PR card via private vehicle through the land border, what documents shall be used by the border officers in establishing our PR status. Is it the signed COPR during my initial soft landing or are there any other documents I need to have ? Please guide me.


If you cross the border in a private vehicle, you will need the stamped COPR.It proves your PR status.

Thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @spai,

We are also planning to do a soft landing through the Detroit - Windsor border in our car (currently financed). I have a couple of questions:

  1. Can we list the financed car in the Goods to Follow list? (expectation is that we’ll take the car after paying completely with the title during our permanent move).

  2. Once we return to the U.S. after completing our soft landing procedure - the only way we would get our PR cards only is when we move to Canada next time permanently?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in Advance.


  1. I am not sure about the first one as we didn’t take our GTF list during our soft landing.

2)It depends on the officer processing your cards.We gave our friends address in Canada and our PR cards were sent to that friend’s address.We clearly told the officer that it was our friend’s address and the officer was okay with it.But they should give a stamped COPR.A stamped COPR confirms your PR status.

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Thanks for the response @spai. When did you guys complete your soft landing?


Completed soft landing in March 2020 via Peace Arch border, near Seattle

I completed my soft landing last week and gave my friend’s address to the officer. I want to double-check the address in the system. Is there a way I can contact CIC about the address?

@pkb Hi can you please confirm whether 14 day quarantine rule is applicable for soft landing too? Also did you get questioned in entry for soft landing (as Canada is advising any non essential travel now). Thanks !!!