PR Soft Landing @ Rainbow Bridge on Sept 30, 2021

Soft Landing experience 09/30 @ Rainbow Bridge, USA

  • I am on H1b and my wife is on H4, both of our visas(H1,H4) are expired and we have valid I797
  • We have a 1 yr old baby who is US citizen.
  • We gave Covid test on Sep 28,2021 at CVS and received results on Sep 29,2021.
  • Filled details in ArriveCAN app on Sep 29,2021 and got the receipt.
  • We planned to complete Soft landing on Sep 30,2021 early morning and reached rainbow bridge at 8.30 AM.

List of documents carried:

  • COPR
  • Covid Test Results(baby excluded)
  • Covid vaccination cards (baby excluded)
  • GTA and GTF list
  • Passports (Old & new)
  • Car Title
  • ArriveCAN digital receipt
  • I-797 approvals (Current & old)

Canada Landing process:

Officer1: Purpose of Travel

Me: To complete PR landing process and provided Passports and COPR

Officer1: are you fully vaccinated and do you have vaccine cards.

Me: yes, provided Vaccine cards

Officer1: did you take Covid test

Me: yes, provided Covid test results

Officer1: Where are you coming from

Me: Pennsylvania

Officer1: we are not doing landing today

Me: i called CBSA and they said they are doing it TUE,WED,THUR from 8AM to midnight

Officer1: where are you coming from again

Me: Pennsylvania

Officer1: So you didn’t travel from Canada to USA and coming back to Canada

Me: No, i am not doing flagpoling

Officer1: then we will allow your landing

Officer1: are you moving permanently today

Me: we are planning to move permanently in 3 or 4 months, our COPR is expiring next month so we want to complete the PR landing today

Officer1: what do you have with you

Me: Luggage and baby items

Officer1: are you carrying alcohol, tobacco or firearms

Me: no

Officer1: are you going into Canada, how long are you staying

Me: will apply for SIN and leave in the evening to USA

Officer1: Gave yellow slip and returned documents, asked to park behind the building

Me: we parked in parking spot behind the building and Officer2 approached us

Officer2: are you moving in permanently today.

Me: we are planning to move in 3 or 4 months, as our COPR is expiring next month we want to complete the PR landing today

Officer2: do you want to import your car

Me: i am not doing it today

Officer2: took our COPR, Passports and asked us to wait in the car

Me: we waited in the car for 20 minutes and Officer3 approached us with COPR documents

Officer3: could you and wife step out of car and sign the COPR documents

Me: i signed for myself and baby’s COPR, wife signed her COPR

Officer3: do you have address where we can send your PR card

Me: provided the address which i printed on paper (friends address)

Officer3: wait in the car, another officer will come and get your GTF list

Me: we waited for another 10 minutes

Officer3: approached car and mentioned that we are now permanent residents of canada and congratulated us

Officer3: you need to maintain residency 2 out of 5 years in canada

Officer3: you will receive your PR card in 2 to 3 months to the address you provided

Me: thank you (note: i checked the wait times for PR card and it is 140 days, i didnt mention this to officer anyways)

Me: we waited for another 5 min in the car

Officer4: do you have your GTF list.

Me: provided GTA and GTF list and photographs of jewelry

Officer4: will items in GTA stay in Canada

Me: we are planning to leave today and we will take them back

Officer4: then they should be present in GTF list

Me: i can add them now if required

Officer4: wait in the car and let me get documentation

Me: we waited for another 15 min

Officer4: got BSF186 form and asked me to fill it with Goods to accompany list

Officer4: are you going to import your car in later date

Me: yes i will

Officer4: fill in the car details(make, model,VIN) also in BSF186 form

Me: completed and signed the BSF186 form and returned to Officer

Officer4: i will attach your GTF list to this form(BSF186) and will copy your Jewelry photographs (Note: i got only 1 copy of jewelry)

Officer4: wait in the car while i get it done

Me: we waited for another 15 min

Officer4: came back with stamped BSF186 form with attached GTF list and Jewelry photographs (Note: GTF and Jewelry are not stamped)

Officer4: i am attaching your GTF to this form, so you can get your items in GTF as duty free

Officer4: you don’t have to get your jewelry all at a time. you can get it as you want and we will strike them accordingly

Me: OK

Officer4: any other questions

Me: is there a way to track the PR card status

Officer4: not sure, but you will get it to the address provided

Me: last question, which way to niagara falls

Officer4: take the road to the right, have a nice day.

Me: thank you

Note: Niagara falls from Canada side is beautiful :smiley:

Return to USA process (Using AVR):

We reached rainbow bridge at 4PM on the same day

Officer: purpose of visit

Me: I work in United states, and provided passports, i94/ i797(myself & wife)

Officer: purpose of visit to canada

Me: to validate Canada Permanent residence

Officer: Oh Canada

Me: yes

Officer: looked at documents for a minute

Officer: good night and returned the documents

Me: thank you (Note: process at US border is quick, took only 2 minutes, no stamp on passport, didn’t get new i94)

PR card Linking:

On Sept30th, i linked PR card application to online account for Myself, Wife and child

Note: had some issues for few times to link PR card, but we were able to successfully link our PR cards (trick is to give place of birth exactly as mentioned in your passport)

Hope this post helps future applicants for PR landing. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats! And good to know that we can now soft land AND visit Canada for a temporary period. Cheers.

Hi, just one quick question - where and how to link the pr application to the online account? Should I ask for any website address or anything when I land?

you have a link in your online account to add PR card application to your account as below.

Hi @sasikbandi , thank you for the detailed landing experience.
I had a question about the GTF list. Incase we want to add something to the list after it is stamped, can we do that? In the future?

My understanding is that you generally should try to submit all the goods at once in the GTF list. Never heard of anyone adding to the list after it was stamped. But perhaps you can call the border crossing itself to ask. Either way, please let us know how it goes.