Primary Applicant (Canada) & Spouse (India) in different countries - sending passports issue

We got our PPR mail. After AOR, primary applicant travelled to Canada on February 2019 and the dependents are in India. we got the PPR mail asking to submit the passport in India. We have mailed to Ottawa CPC for visa office change and yet to receive reply from them. Meanwhile, we called CIC and the agent told that the primary applicant can mail their passport to Ottawa with a letter of explanation and after that secondary application can submit passport with the letter of explanation. Can the primary applicant submit passport as suggested by CIC agent or should we wait for a reply mail from Ottawa CPC?? Kindly guide us!!

Also, CIC agent suggested that Primary applicant should send passports to Ottawa and after it gets approved, the New Delhi visa office has to send another mail requesting to submit passports for dependents. This is what CIC agent suggested. Not sure whether this whole process gets completed within 30 days. Kindly guide us if anyone has gone through similar situation. Need urgent help because of time constraints.

Hi @canadadreams, sorry for the late response. I hope your problem has been solved. However, my husband (spouse) was in the US and I (PA) was in India when we got our PPR. Since we had applied via an agent we requested them to raise a request through the account. I think you can raise a request for the same through your account. CIC will issue a second PPR. The second PPR will be extended for a month from the date of issue. Hope this helps! When we had called CIC Ottawa, the agent had told us to write an email explaining the situation. But nothing about a letter of explanation. Also the second PPR will contain the address of the office you will have to send your passport and an Annex A, I think, form where you will have to fill in details where the stamped passport will have to be delivered in the USA.

Hi I am in a similar boat. Need help.
hi guys, I have submitted my documents while I was in India (mid Feb) and recently only like 2 weeks ago I moved to the USA (Atlanta). I just received the letter (with Header saying Primary Office: Montreal Immigration, and footer saying Immigration section New Delhi) PPR requesting passports within 30 days. But in the letter it is mentioned to refer for passport transmission instructions. This takes me to VAC in countries that are outside North America.

Where as I know that people in USA would be asked to send to CPC OTTAWA address directly instead of VAC in USA (New York / Los Angeles).
When i called the VAC customer care in USA, the representative mentioned that it is Ok to send the package to VAC Newyork /Los Angeles).

What are your thoughts on this ? I am preparing to send to VAC New York.

Venkata Mujje