Proof of Funds - Cash transactions in my Account

Dear Community,

This is Ahmed, I reside in Saudi Arabia and I am a Pakistani National. i hope if you could answer my question about POF. I need a total of 24000 CAD for a family of 4.

I have three abnormal transactions in my account whereas the rest is fine, which is my monthly incoming salary. I have made three cash deposits to my bank account in Saudi Arabia which is in Saudi Riyals, with a approx value of 8700 CAD , 6800 CAD and 6900 CAD if i convert those amounts in CAD. The time difference between these three transactions is almost 25 days to a month.

The first and second transaction came from a Car which I sold in Pakistan and converted that money to Saudi riyals in Pakistan, and brought with me to Saudi Arabia and deposited to my account. I have the receipts of converting Pakistani currency to Saudi Riyals. I also have the official sale deed of the car.

The third payment came from the rental income of a house which I have in Pakistan. My tenant resides here in Saudi Arabia and his family resides in my house in Pakistan. My condition was to get one full year rental upfront. Which he gave me in the shape of cash in Saudi currency and we have the rental agreement, but that rental agreement is in the shape of Pakistani legal document and we did that when I was in Pakistan a couple of months back.

Would these documents be enough to show the authenticity of these cash payments? Is there anything i could do more to make sure that I won’t be asked for any further clarification on this?

I hope if someone could answer. I couldn’t find any relevant information on the internet.


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