Proof of Funds Question


I’ve cleared the road blocker IELTS last week, got my ECA,PCC and also the FBI thing.
I’m in a dilemma about how to handle POF.
I’m the only (single) applicant which means my savings should be atleast 13000CAD or above for the last 3/6 months to be on fair grounds with POF.
I have a personal loan of 25k to be cleared here in US. (This was used for some personal family emergency back in India). The monthly installment I pay towards my loan here in US is 1,154USD.
At times I used to make additional payments like 3k a month as well. But till date my outstanding is 25k USD.
I make around 4700 USD/month.
I have credit cards with companies/banks in US worth around 20k USD credit line and owe only few hundreds to them.
My credit score has been in excellent standing since 4 months.(750+)
My problem is that I never had that big CAD equivalent USD amount in my bank account since 3/6 months.
I have 3 NRE accounts with banks in India and managed to save 1Lakh and few thousands INR in each.
I never withdrew a single penny from those NRE accounts. This is equivalent to around 5800CAD & maintained for 2 months. (Still continuing)

I’ve submitted my application with old IELTS scores already in January 2019.
I’ve not updated the latest scores yet.
If I did, my CRS would boost up-to 475 and I would definitely receive the ITA.
To be on a safer side, I do not want to update my latest score until and unless I figure out a way to solve the POF problem.

Do I have to find a way and MUST settle up my personal loan before updating my scores?
Considering my personal loan AND insufficient balance situation, Can someone help me with any possible solution(s) please.

I thank you guys in advance.

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