Proof of funds for Express Entry


Statements are sufficient. You can convert them if you like.


Hi Guys,

I received ITA in September and am finalizing my documents right now. For POF all my funds are in my Savings account along with a little more in my 401K, therefore, I am planning to use both of these to fulfill the requirement.

Do I need to submit information or statements for my Checking account as well? That’s where I get my salary and is used primarily to pay off bills?


Thats upto you… If your savings account has more than required funds then you may skip showing all the other accounts… I had shown only one savings + one checking account as my POF… although i had multiple of those…


Thank you for replying, I think I’ll just show my Savings along with my 401K as I am short about 500 CAD in my savings which my 401K makes up for.

I don’t see any reason to show my checking as all I use it for is paying bills and it doesn’t have an amount that I will use for POF.

I assume you had no problems after submitting POF and have received PR, in which case congrats.


Hello zi,
As far as your financial statements from savings and 401K covers the POF requirements, its all that required!
However, we also submitted our loan documents( cars, home etc.) This is just to ensure they are aware of the overall portfolio. It doesn’t count against your finances!
You can create a cover letter with all the account details in a table format which is presentable.

For details: Vignesh PR has summed it quite well in previous answers in the same thread.

All the best!



Thank you appy22.

Since I don’t currently have any car or home loans, I’m gonna take the advice that you guys have shared and will submit a bank verification letter for my savings account along with 6 month bank statement and will add statements from my 401K.

I’ll write a cover letter which will show the total amount in USD and i’ll convert it to CAD using bank of Canada’s conversion rate from that day.

I think that should be enough. Let me know if you guys think something else needs to be added.


Hello Friends,

I have quick question,

My wife had a joint account with her mother and she recently took one FD. I have couple of questions on which if anyone can reply.

Can I put that FD in my POF if its less then 1 month old?

The FD is only for my wife’s name and her mother is nominee so does it count as individual FD for her only?

If CIC ask to provide source of fund Is it fine if we share share update from joint account ?

Kindly provide answer, I am really confused.



Hello All,

We received ITA and in process of submitting documents.My husband is the primary applicant and I am secondary.

For POF, we have minimum required funds in two different accounts owned separately by us. Half of the funds is in a Bofa account (my husband’s account) and rest of the amount is available in one of my Indian private bank account.

So is it possible that I myself mention and signed the letter (like Letter of Explanation) stating that my husband can have access to funds in my account or do I need to have an official letter from the respective bank?


Hi Guys,

I had an additional question regarding POF. The bulk of funds that I have in my savings account is what I got after selling a property which I had invested in with my Dad. After selling the property my Dad transferred over my share through his account. This was done almost 6 months ago, would I need to submit any paperwork for that?

The statements that i will submit will be 6 months old and already show the amount in my savings account without any major influx except for what i have been transferring from my salary.


Hi Surshree,
The IRCC would require the official document from the bank as mentioned. Since they just require the POF from primary account, you can have your husband’s name added on your account.

In addition you could provide a letter as a supplement to the official doc.

These are just my opinions:)

All the best!



thanks a lot…


Hello everyone,

New member here. I got an invite last week and I am ready to submit my documents.
Just one question though.

Since the bank manager would just take a screenshot of the account balance and attest it, can I just submit 6 months statement instead of getting an official letter from the Bank?


get both the documents. Get everything you possible can, if you are not able to get the official letter.


Thanks @arun.dash90.



I’ve posted this message also as a separate thread but putting here just so if somebody sees it here first.

I came across this wonderful community and appreciate the efforts put in by the creators and members for helping each other. I’m currently in the US, but will depart in February 2019 and land in Toronto to start my next job. The thing is that I have also received an ITA for FSW EE. For that, I’ve secured almost everything except the Proof of Funds (PoF). I’m a bit confused about how to go about with my situation and would like to know your suggestions.

I have a Bank of America checkings+savings accounts that are sufficient to cover the funds stipulated by CIC. Apart from that, I have some funds in my German bank account where I lived previously and some in HDFC NRE account, India. The HDFC bank balance is just above their minimum required balance to avoid penalties. Apart from this, I have a home loan account with LIC Housing Finance.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is it sufficient to show just the BofA funds?
  2. Will it be fine to not mention anything about my German bank account and HDFC NRE account? Or should I obtain letters for those too?
  3. What about the LIC home loan? Should I show that too? I send some money from my BofA account every month to my HDFC NRE account from which the EMI for this loan is deducted.

I hope you understand my thought process. Looking forward to your help.



Your questions are already answered in this thread. You should go through the earlier messages.


Hello @canada_back, could you share if you provided just BofA funds in OF requirement or other banks statement also ?


POF : Credit cards balance required?

@usa2can I’ve not uploaded my docs yet, but I plan to show funds only from BofA. However, I’ll just list my other accounts, credit cards and loans in the LOE.


Thanks @canada_back, I plan to do the same. Good luck


Hi All,

Can anyone confirm, is it okay to just submit official letter from bank stating all details along with 12 months monthly average balance. I have the letter from Chase Bank.

Also, I have a Car on Lease, so do i need to show its details, as in how much amount left for my lease period. Is lease car considered as one of the type of loan?

Thanks in Advance!