Proof of funds for Express Entry


Better to add last 6 month statements of the bank accounts also.

I have added lease details in my LOE. Don’t think you need to add it in your POF requirements.


If lease is a type of outstanding balance, than shouldn’t it be the part of POF? As in POF we need to show Bank letter/statements plus outstanding debts i.e. credit cards, loans etc.


if you go through some previous threads as well as CIC help pages, it does not specifically asks for Debts proofs.
It probably does not seem intuitive as someone can take debt and show it as proof of funds, but that’s how it is. You would not want to game the system in this case. :slight_smile:


Can you also advice on below:

My spouse is secondary applicant and i have only shown funds that are only in his bank account, as presently i am a house wife. Hence, I have attached affidavit of my spouse stating that he has no objection in using the funds for settlement and I have access to these funds.

So, Should i attach LOE stating the reason why I am attaching my husband bank details along with his bank official letter and 6 months statements. Or do I need to attach LOE in other section


In my opinion, you should attach the affidavit, bank letter and statements in POF section. and mention about this in the LOE separately. Other experts may also comment on this.


Thanks for the info.

  1. In relation to credit card details, we have Letters from respective credit card companies stating credit card number and zero outstanding balance as of specific date.

Attaching those letters only will be sufficient or do we need to also attach 6 months credit statements ?

  1. Also in affidavit or LOE is it fine to mention funds in USD (which are way above min. required after converting in CAD) or we need to state in both USD and CAD


Credit card statements aren’t required.

I had created a table with separate column for usd and cad about with exchange rate from ita day …



Is anyone here who recently received PCC from SFO consulate. Just wanted to check their avg. time to issue the same. Thanks!

Sorry for putting this question here in this forum.


1 month


I have a query regarding the funds
My scenario is :
I have an amount X in YESBANK which is on my name for 6 months.I am the primary applicant. I opened the joined account with my spouse in SBI and I transferred the same amount from YESBANK TO SBIBANK. So my amount is in YESBANK for 6 months and in SBI for like 3 months now.
The remain amount will be transferred to SBI as a gift deed.
My question is will this be accepted
1)if I get a letter from both the banks telling the amount and number of months it was in the respective account
2)is it compulsory that the amount should be in joint account for 6 months.!?


  1. yes
  2. No

Just provide the details/statements and gift deed.


Thank you!


This should be posted in the respective thread. Please don’t create new threads going forward. This is a financial query.


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Hi @avj ,

I only submitted summary statement from my bank. It contains account opening date, last 6 month average, and current balance. I did not attach any bank statements. Do you think it is a problem?


Since it’s official bank letter I think that should be fine. In case they need more they’ll ask for it.


Great, Thanks


I and my wife have applied for Express Entry, our CRS is 437 and waiting for ITA. We are from India and I am the primary applicant. I have few queries on Proof of funds and hope this forum will help me to understand. Below are the queries

  1. Can we show the dependent account as well for proof of funds? What is the format for the NOC document. My wife is also accompanying with me

  2. I don’t have CAD 15,772 in my account right now. But we will be getting the required amount as gift deeds from my father and father in law. What documents should i submit as proof for that. Also, in this case, a huge amount will be credited in the account within 6 months. Will that create a problem even after we provide Gift Deed Notary Signed document.

  3. Can I show my PF Account balance proof and statement certificate

  4. If we have any liquid cash in hand. how can we show that as proof? For eg. I have 1 Lakh INR or 1500 CAD cash in hand by selling a few commodities, how can I show this as proof? should I deposit in the bank account ? in that case again a huge amount will be deposited, what proof should I show for this?

It would be very helpful if someone could help me with this. Thanks


@Rubesh04 - Almost all of your questions have already been asked in this forum. Please search through the above thread and similar other threads. has summarized about PoF here:

As for liquid cash, it might be a better idea to deposit it in bank and mention in LoE where the cash deposit came from (selling commodities). It would be difficult to provide proof of liquid cash and I don’t know if it would be acceptable.


@mrandmrs Thanks you so much…

Could you please help me with some sample LoE.

What and all details should I include in it.